Windows 10


Windows 10 needs to fuck off.

Completely ruined practically every piece of software I have, including a game on Football Manager 2011 which saw me dominating Europe in the year 2197. (Yes, I really have played the game that much…….I am a sad cunt.)

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

Windows 10 is FUCKING SHITE, I sandboxed that on a win7 VM machine and it was the biggest load of shite I have ever seen.

If you disable all the tracking and spyware it automatically turns itself back on, so much for any type of privacy,

It has fucking adverts targeted at you on the homescreen, sells all your info to advertisers (every thing you type on the pc is tracked, file searches, text documents, web searches etc, so they can target you with these ads. It tries to make you buy any software you need via the app store and adds fucking in app purchasing games you cannot disable.

It caches every file on your system and syncs with Microsoft. It even tried to inject a System BIOS tracking facility which means even if you format your computer it is still there tracking you, the ultimate trojan backdoor.

Windows 10, bought to you by Microsoft & the CIA


Nominated by: Boaby

( written on my MacBook Pro running OSX10.11.4 Ed )

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  1. Where do you start? I shudder at the prospect of an update for anything. My last phone was working just fine, then two months in, android had an update. From then on, my phone was a slow pile of crap, which I had to put up with for the next twenty two months.
    I build my own PCs, and when I built the last one I bought a copy of windows 7. It seemed OK initially, but then one of its updates killed the email browser. So when the fanfare of bullshit for windows 10 came about, I thought I’d give it a go, can’t be worse than 7 I thought. How wrong can you be! I hardly use the cunting thing now because I usually do web stuff on tablets, and my studio recording PC runs XP and does it well.
    My laptop, running windows 8.1, is now nagging to be upgraded, and I quite like 8.1 so I don’t want to ruin it with the half finished bag of shit that is 10.
    Remember when Microsoft did the big advert campaign for 10, which ended with a kid licking a window? He must have been part of the software development team. Bill Gates, you are a cunt.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Microshit are nothing but a heap of cunts. I hate them to hell and back. Without doubt the worst thing that ever happened to IT. Roll on the biggest corporate bankruptcy in history. I really can’t wait for it to happen.
      Microshit, just die off out of everyone’s way.

  2. I’ve always used a Mac, as I produce Music a Friend (who also produces music) told me about 18 years ago to get a Mac. This was way before all these post ipod Mac cunts came along, I am really glad I didn’t go down the PC avenue, as the thing with Mac’s is Apple design and make (or commission) the Hardware and make/develop the software so you have a much more stable system and Mac OSX is the best operating system. The problem with PC’s is that you have many different companies making machines and they then use Windows as the operating system, so imagine 20 different Car manufactures all using the same engine some will be good and some will be crap. Fuck the PC’s they are a pile of shit and although Macs cost a lot they are better (although since apple have become a massive company they’ve become a bit cuntish) and with any electronics these days you get what you pay for.

    • I would liked to have had the cash and bought a Mac when I changed from analog to digital recording but because I only record music for fun and not for commercial purposes I couldn’t justify the cost. Not connected to the net and with only cakewalk and some other music software, the old Xp machine soldiers on.

      • Cakewalk, one of the originals. I learnt to produce on an Atari (Cubase) and Akai Sampler then moved to Mac. Learnt Logic and it was my DAW of choice for years but now moved over to Pro Tools. I am a bit of a gear freak and its my guilty pleasure buying new equipment. Fucking cost me a small fortune my Studio but better than wasting the money on Rum and Coke and Coke.

      • “Not connected to the net and with only cakewalk and some other music software, the old Xp machine soldiers on.” The thing is with my current Mac I have partitioned the hard drive in to three different sections, the first two are used for music production and Mixing and I have old er operating systems on them and leave updates well alone as they are stable and I want to use the software etc for many years yet. The third partition is what I use for general web browsing, downloading and Films etc and I have the latest operating system. I have found this to be a much better way to work, the thing with Computers is they use updates to slow your machine down and make you buy another, the cunts. Its similar with software companies they want you to update all the time, because I use lots of plug-ins by different manufacturers I find once its all stable leave it the fuck alone. I used to get a new Mac every couple of years but not anymore.

      • I use different PCs for different stuff, music, 3D stuff and video editing and another for net shit. I agree, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! On the subject of gear, my mate gave this great equation- number of guitars needed equals number of guitars owned plus one. Obviously my wife doesn’t agree! ?

      • XP is the most stables is Microsloth ever produced. The problem is that my PC didn’t have grunt. Bought a top of the range Macbook with a 7 processor and a big disc. Never regretted it!

  3. This is a fucking awesome cunting. I recently upgraded my mum’s laptop with the free version of Windows 10 and I really wish I hadn’t. EVERY TIME she tries to turn the laptop on now, the start up screen comes on, and then it goes blank. She has to do an emergency shut down to get the fucking thing working properly. My laptop has a similar problem. It seems that if I have too many icons on the desktop, it flashes up a message about the memory being too low…and then the fucking screen goes blank. So yes, Windows 10 is the cunt of cunts.

  4. Abandoned Windows years ago for usual reasons and tried Mac but far too expensive and found it not as good as cracked up to be. Has become de rigour in the music bizz appreciate but the same new versions not compatible with older software ect ect. Bugger all roinde.
    Defected to Linux which is fast, stable and free. Many flavours orf the OS available to doine load. Not so many virus for it as well which have really caught up with Macs now. Point is with Linux is it is open source which means some jasper somewhere is always creating new software or fixing bugs in old software for the love. Getting very good for movie editing (use Lightworks and Flowblade meself) and all free.
    Can be a bit techie to configure sometimes but many online user forums oit there to sort things out. Have a dual boot system with Windows XP to use old software and Ubuntu (type orf Linux) as my main OS. Ubuntu is updated and maintained professionally for free by Cannonical. You can download a version to CD or flash drive and try it without installing anything. More versions orf Linux oit there. Music production software includes Linux Music Production and Rosegarden (good if you like to work from a score or the dots if you prefer).
    Anyway lots available and a very thriving scene. Call me an old cheapskate but I’m buggered if I’ll divert me hard earned to the new Bill Gates at Apple. Find the hero worship orf Apple inappropriate for us cunts.

      • Apple seems like a overpriced product for trendy hipsters I rather just custom build my own pc for less with better parts. Apple is offering outdated, shite, and obsolete specs.

        Apple fanboys will not only pay through the bloody nose for Apple products, they’ll pay through the nose for technology that PC users had for half the price, three years ago!
        With apple your paying for design and brand logo, this really funny comic sums up how I feel about apple products

      • Maybe but I have to say the build quality is excellent and at twice the price of a PC it has lasted twice as long so far and still does everything I need it to so I have no complaints. I do have an iPod but its a legacy version iPod5 vision that I got for free from my son in law who now has an iPod touch. That’s yonks old and still going strong but I would never have bought on as the price is stupid which is also why I’d never buy an iPad or iPhone.

        The macbook was definitely a good choice though. After 25 years in the IT business I’m forced to disagree with your technical assessment…

      • Well they are better at labtops then computers. Especially business and music wise but obsolete in other areas. I mean you could custom build a mac too.
        Disregard everything I said, to be honest I’m a product of mass consumerism and opinionated information.

        I’m a gamer so its PC for me but I heard Macs are more better for business related stuff they also are better for virus protection

    • Also despise Apple hero worship even though I own one. Understand your like for Linux but Linux is basically open source Unix and Mac OSX is basically Unix with a graphical front end. So basically you’re using the same operating system as a Mac

  5. Windoze 10?

    Just ask yourselves why they GAVE it away. Greeks bearing gifts springs to mind. I’ve found win$ 7 about as bomb proof as any of their offerings, but, I can’t help thinking there’ll be a kill switch in here somewhere; back to 3.1 if there is, or as reported this week: 95 onna napple smart watch.

    • True windows is broken but fixable, maybe that cuckolded bellend bill gates can get off his arse and make a better one. Billy Boy is too busy trying to save the world or maybe he’s just sucking cawk in africa?. Maybe instead of trying to turn sewage into water or throwing mosquitoes into the audience he should focus on windows.

      No wonder so many have given up on windows cause your probably better off with linux,mac or ubuntu. Win 10 is still in the beta stage technically so it isn’t hopeless yet.
      I think Bill Gates is still a phony humanitarian! I don’t care how much money the bugger throws around, he’s still one of the least likable humans in history.

  6. I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ditch windows once and for all!!!!…….move to the dark side….Apple here I come!!! I’m trying to run a business but windows obviously only care about profits they make on shitty sales of totally archaic and inadequate technology they are passing on to unsuspecting fools that we all are and have been…the forums are littered with so much anger and nothing has changed. YOU/WE have a choice!!!!!!

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