School holiday costs


As it’s getting near the traditional season for it, can I nominate parents whining about holiday stuff being more expensive during the school holidays?

Two things – firstly, if you decide to have kids, maybe you might need to forgo foreign holidays, not take your spawn out of school during term time because let’s face it Sharm-El CUNTING-Sheik will be so fucking educational for them.

Secondly – fuck me. Whatever next. Christmas trees costing more in December? You cunts!

Nominated by: Guardian Hater

19 thoughts on “School holiday costs

  1. JK Rowling is a complete cunt…
    Today this silly bitch milked the Harry Potter cow again, as she apologised on the ‘anniversary’ of the ‘death’ of some character called Remus Lupin…

    Yesterday would have been my brother Andy’s birthday, had he not been killed when he was hit by a car… Yet this attention whore one trick slagwagon is mourning fictional characters and commorating their ‘deaths’ with ‘anniversaries’, while playing up to every Harry Potter fanmong cunt in the world? Go and boil your fucking big head, JK, you fucking cunt!

    • The mentally ill cunt got lucky when she wrote harry potter(stole off various fantasy books more like). She is also a attention whore and inadvertally created more paedos with the exploitation of the young cast members especially Emma Watson “Nagging feminist cunt” and Harry Potter of course.

      • What I really hate is adults who are into this Potter crap, they need cunting themselves the childbrained twats.

      • My apologies for (possibly) repeating myself, but it saves fellow readers having to trawl back… Also, I had the misfortune of seeing some pictures of the gormless, self-adoring bint Watson a few days ago; what part of “Fuck orf and die…” etc.
        ” War, disease, crime and arse-banditry, Harry Potter novels, distress of nations, perplexity, dribbling gibberish and Chakrabottyburp will increase until the Archbishop of Cunterbury seals Emma Watson’s box”.
        According to the Panacea Society (patent holders of Dr. Melveau’s Portuguese Female Pills), the box is often seen at a lay-by somewhere between Towcester and Daventry.
        Or something like that…
        When I become Benign Dictator, “Great Auntie Belinda” to my beloved People, Hairy Prostate books will be the first to go on the fire…

  2. Kurt Cobain is (was) a cunt…
    Arguably the most overrated rock star in history: this snivelling, scruffy thieving twat was an overhyped and untalented tosspot… Fiirst of all his band’s name and logo were stolen from the 1960s UK psychedelic band, Nirvana… Then there was the stolen music… ‘Come As You Are’ is a direct rip-off of ‘Eighties’ by Killing Joke… His lyrics were shite… Just whining and crap written on heroin and cough syrup… A bit like Neil from The Young Ones in a rock band… He also raised the profile of Grunge: a crappy scene for scruffy, smelly, lank haired ‘slackers’ and cunts… And perhaps his worst offence was giving a huge platform to that crabs riddled smackhead slag, Courtney Love…

    And ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was fucking shite…

    • Norm: Yep, Killing Joke were in the process of suing when Cobain decided to give himself a short back and sides with a saw-off. After that they decided to let it go. A class act by the best band in the known universe. In my opinion. 🙂

      I liked some of Nirvana’s output (a couple of singles), but considering their genre and Cobain’s limited vocal range they were never going to have a 20+ year career or evolve much musically.

      Totally agree though. Very overrated and unfortunately led to Foo Fighters. Saw them live once (around the time of the One By One album release). I left after about 25 minutes because all Dave Grohl did was shout and scream into the microphone. It was awful.

      • “Killing Joke were in the process of suing…”
        Yes but the irony is killing joke copied the riff from the damned’s life goes on. I don’t have a dog in this fight I like a few songs by all bands involved.
        Killing joke made some pretty good songs aside from that obvious hypocrisy.

      • Just looked up The Damned song on YT. I see what you mean. The riff is certainly similar, but I think the Eighties riff is different enough to not be blatant plagiarism. Come As You Are is blatant.

        Best The Damned song, In Dulce Decorum. Heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time. Great band.

    • And the whole dogshit “grunge” genre gave rise to the most overrated, unintelligible, tuneless puddle of steaming cunt juice ever, Pearl Jam. Fuck off Eddie Vedder you fucking cunt.

  3. Great cunting. You have successfully tapped into the ethos of the ‘entitlement generation’. Way back when I was a kid, parents had to make sacrifices and go without in order to provide for their children and basically do right by them. These days, modern cunting parents seem to have the attitude that kids are just another accessory and they can continue to do whatever they please, whenever they please irrespective of the fact they now have the responsibility of raising a child.

    I freely admit that I absolutely loathe, despise and hate children. Can’t stand the sight or sound of them. I’m especially pissed off that money is taken from me by force in the form of tax and given to fucking parents to help subsidise THEIR fucking children. Here’s an idea parents – if you decide to procreate then fine – but two things: (1) keep your little shits away from me and (2) pay for the fuckers yourselves and stop sponging off everyone else.

    Paid maternity leave: NO! You decided to have a kid, you forego your job and income from that job. Period!
    I’m really tired, been up all night with the baby: TOUGH! You decided to have a baby. Babies cry, dickhead! We’re not picking up your slack at work because you decided to have a child.
    I need to leave early, little Johnny has a sports day: NO! You have project deadlines and meetings to attend. Fuck Johnny! Do the work you’re paid for you cunt.
    I’ve brought little Suzie into the office because school doesn’t start for another week: FUCK OFF! This is an office – a place of business – it’s not your personal creche of convenience. We don’t want to hear its whiny voice, we don’t to be forced to entertain it/be nice around it and we especially don’t want its filthy plague carrying germs. Take unpaid leave and take that vermin home.

    And finally, why is stuff more expensive during school holidays: Companies have been ripping off people who have kids and/or pets for decades. They’re exploiting our emotional attachment and sense of duty to provide. This ain’t new, Sherlock. Quit whining. I get no financial assistance to help pay for cat food, cat litter, cat trees, scratching posts, vet’s bills, you name it. My cat places no burden on the tax payer whatsoever. The mere existence of your fucking kid entitles you to so many government handouts and subsidies. Paying more for stuff during school holidays is the universe’s way to even things out. Deal with it. Cunts!

    • No grey areas there old chum! It’s the jobless cunts breeding that fucks me off the most.

    • I fucking hate the little cunts too, that’s why i don’t have any. What fucks me off is that those who have kids get fuck knows how many little perks in the form of benefits etc, but what do i get for NOT having any and NOT costing the country a shed load of fucking money??…..FUCK ALL !!!

      • With you on that one Captain. When me and the good wife save up for our holiday, purposely book it during term time to avoid the squawking bastards, only to arrive and find the resort overrun with the little cunts, it makes we want to scream. And how come little Sebastian and Mercedes can tear up a fucking storm while their benefits scrounging parents do fuck all about it? Quick to respond though aren’t they when I tell their precious dumplings to fuck off.

      • May I just take this opportunity to say a heartfelt ‘Fuck you’! To the stupid selfish shit-cunt with the obviously sick two year old on the early morning flight to Copenhagen two weeks back.

        Not only did your horrible spaz-faced little shit spend the entire journey coughing in my direction and blowing snot bubbles, but you also decided to take it for a walk through the cabin to ensure that everyone else got a dose of particularly virulent flu.

        I would love to find out who you are and where you fucking live so that I can send my solicitor around and sue you for the lost earnings while I was shivering, sweating and honking up in bed for two days.

        I am sure that everyone else on that flight would also like a bit of that action too.

        Seriously, what kind of retarded, selfish fuckwit takes a sick and contagious kid into a confined space where everyone is going to get a dose of whatever the fuck that was.

        You madam are a cunt of the highest order.

        I hope you go blind and your child is a mongey. You cunt.

    • Imitation Yank, exactly my thoughts. I fucking hate kids too. Noisy, screaming little fucks whose sole aim in life is to be a cunt. But, it is mostly the parents fault. No discipline, they let their little darlings to whatever the fuck they like, but if YOU dare even suggest that they might want to get their spawns of Satan to shut the fuck up for five minutes as you’re trying to get some sleep on the airplane, then you are worse than Jimmy Savile in a Santa suit.

  4. Taking kids out of school during term time should be judged on a case by case basis.
    Fining parents of Primary school children for missing “show and tell” and double “colouring in” seems harsh.

  5. Agree with all the above. Long school holidays are for the teachers not the children anyway.

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