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Surely it’s time to slam both Top Gear formats into the armco.

Jeremy “what d’you mean there’s no hot food I’m gonna punch some poor cunt” Clarkson, Blue Peter presenter candidate Hammond and Catweasle lookey likey posh nob May are well over due to be trailered to the scrapyard.

Each series pretty much the same as the previous. Rich cunts driving some cool cars in great locations, having a jolly up on my tv license fee.

Whether this forced Amazon defection is a success or not, I’m sure the audience is likely to be more foreign than domestic. Amazon fire stick! Fuck off.

Not sure the Beeb’s revamp will rock the viewing figures either. Ginger cunt Evans and his school boy humour is a sure fire reason to reach for the remote.

Nominated by: J R Cuntley

The new Top Gear deserves a cunting. Those far left cunts at the BBC, and their associates have had to grovel today, after performing donuts and other stunts at the Cenotaph. Every British adult in the country knows what the Cenotaph is, and what happens there every remembrance Sunday. So I find it puzzling, especially after what happened with that little shit swinging on a flag a couple of years ago, that anyone would think it appropriate to film some cunt fucking about in a high powered car.

This just proves, as if any proof were needed, how little respect the traitorous lefties at the BBC, and those who make TV shows for them, have for this country, and for those who died to give them the freedom to be the cocksuckers they so obviously are. I was willing to give Top Gear a chance, even with the ugly, arrogant carrot top, Evans hosting it. Now they can fuck off. And I’m not alone. A lot of former service personnel used to watch that show, they won’t be now, nor will a lot of other people.

The fact is, Top Gear worked because of the three hosts. And because, unlike other shows from the Blatant Bollocks Corporation, it wasn’t politically correct. In fact, it showed a lot contempt for PC, and those who live by it. Which is why Danny Cohen hated it. It’s a simple fact that the extreme left Danny Cohen despised Clarkson for his right wing views, and was looking for an excuse to get rid of him. It’s also a fact, that Clarkson stupidly allowed his ego to give Cohen that excuse. Cohen fucked up in thinking that he could simply replace Clarkson, and Hammond and May would go along with it. He was very wrong.

This new Top Gear will be a shadow of its former self. It has too many presenters for a start. Led by Chris Evans, whom I have yet to hear anyone say a good thing about. Evans is an arrogant little shit who genuinely thinks he’s God. It will be filled with similar things that the original TG had, only with a left wing slant to it. And that’s why it won’t work. Most ordinary people are not lefties. We’re not particularly righties either. We just don’t share the same dumb as fuck politically correct view of the world that the shitheads at the BBC have.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

I predict that the New Improved Top Gear will crash and burn (and hopefully Matt LeBlanc will lose his rag and punch Evan’s lights out)

Despite Clarkson’s constant baiting of motorcyclists like myself and general disdain for enthusiasts of vintage machinery (also like myself) I did enjoy Top Gear while it was on but we’ve just dispensed with the TV licence anyway so the Beeb can stuff the new version up their “collective” ringpieces.

I will however always feel the urge to boot James May up the arse for sending that Triumph convertible to the bottom of the English Channel…

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

24 thoughts on “Top Gear [2]

  1. Dear fuck this cunting is a short pamphlet too long for my tastes but I agree Top Gear is now Top Shite. I also believe the whole fracas(hate that poofy word) was some kind of hoax. Let me get this straight millionaire jeremy clarkson arrived to the hotel drunk,plus late and wanted steak but got cold soup and something else instead. The baby of a cunt could have ordered takeout or something what a load of shite

  2. “The fact is, Top Gear worked because of the three hosts”

    I despise Clarkson, Evans and infantile petrolhead culture as much as next the person, but to say that Top Gear only worked because of the three recently departed cunts is demonstrable nonsense. It’s been BBC2 top-rated show ever since its inception – long before the arrival of the Clarkson & Co.

    And to accuse the BBC of being “far left” is not just lazy, kneejerk Sun-mentality bullshit of the highest order, but it’s factually incorrect as well – you’ve obviously never seen the BBC News Channel, fawning as it does over Tory cunts without ever challenging their barefaced porkies, while continually interrupting, challenging and talking over the halfwit cunts from any other political party. The Tories own the BBC News Channel – maybe because it’s run by a former Murdoch editor? And now they plan to have the BBC run by a government-appointed board of Tories, in conjunction with Ofcom (which the government has already stuffed with Tory stooges). Hard left? Fuck off!

    Show me “hard left” bias in BBC programming… Where’s the Marxist subtext to the Great British Bake-Off? Where are the crypto-Communist undercurrents to Strictly Come Dancing? Where’s the on-screen evidence that a “hard left” contingent has infiltrated Wolf Hall, Outnumbered, the Antiques Roadshow, Happy Valley, Last Of The Summer Wine and Dad’s Army (let alone CBeebies)….?

    You can’t because there isn’t any “hard left” bias. Only cunts who write The Sun and the Daily Mail publish lazy, uninformed bollocks about the “hard left BBC” for no other reason than because it suits the commercial agendas of their owners. And the sad, braindead cunts who swallow the Murdoch and Dacre propaganda without question regurgitate it obediently without actually verifying it for themselves because the sort of cunts who read The Sun and Mail clearly can’t think for themselves..

    • It’s not incorrect at all. You’re talking bollocks, as usual. You’re a fucking moron, and I’m sick of you Fred. FUCK OFF. You utter fucking prick.

      • The Beeb did do a load of leftie crap with the last Doctor Who series… That Zygon story was blatantly based on migrants and welcoming them… The ‘there are good and bad Zygons and they should be allowed to live on Earth’ story was more or less like the BBC’s ‘Not all Muslims are bad, aren’t migrants and refugees great?’ bollocks… The same story also a had an entire UN military force commanded from top to bottom by women, and even the American Sheriff was a woman… Then (in the finale) there was the Time Lord Commander regenerating into a black woman whose first words were a disparaging comment about men… The BBC are lefite. right on, brotha PC cunts… No doubt about it…

    • Fred , maybe you could clarify what BBC Cunt Victoria Derbyshire meant when she said the corridors of Broadcasting House were filled with empty champagne bottles the morning after Labours election Victory in 1996 ?

      • And also explain the nasty little Goebbels cunt known as Jeremy Hardy who has been given free reign for decades to spew his left wing bias all over the place.

      • If the BBC decided to use Testcard F again the girl would be replaced by a muslim, transgender or lesbian (or all three) and Bubbles the clown would be black (not a golliwog though, that would be ‘offensive’)… And the blackboard would have something like ‘Refugees welcome’ on it… They might also bring back the OU and call it ‘The Open Diversity’ hosted by all manner of queers, feminists, token foreigners and other cunts…

    • Is that photo really the new presenter line up for TopGear on the BBC?

      No, with a woman and a token black in the new line up the BBC could not possibly by a leftie organisation…

  3. Old Top Gear grew into what it was and managed to turn out entertaining, in an escapist sort of way. Anyone who has the idea of air canon launching a volvo from a cliff top onto a caravan in a quarry bottom is all right in my book. I’m prepared to give the beeb the benefit of the doubt and not even bother tuning in.


    • If Top Gear was meant to be taken seriously I would never have bothered with it. As originally launched in the 80’s (I think) with Noel Edmonds, William Woollard, Angela Rippon & co it was a serious and informative motoring programme with in depth reviews of the latest state of the art output from the manufacturers (yawn) and so on but the Three Knobs turned it into a comedy show, which was fine by me. I’m pretty sure that if the Beeb was a universally “Lefty” organisation then they would never have allowed Clarkson near it in the first place.

  4. Funnily enough, that term “Petrolhead” sets my fucking teeth on edge. Apart from perpetuating the myth that only fossil fuels can run an engine effectively, it conjures up images of reverse-baseball-cap wearing knob ends showing off their shit 300 quid Vauxhall Novas in Asda car park after fitting 600 quids worth of alloy wheels and a grand’s worth of stereo, or crazed lead-footed maniacs in Subaru Imprezas they bought from the Police auction. Or indeed cunts like Evans & co gloating over their Ferrari collections. Use one of those piles of dago junk as everyday transport and your local recovery firm will love the sound of your desperate voice on the phone, if they can hear you over the hiss of escaping steam and the crackle of carbonising bodywork. Now a late 1950’s Humber Hawk or MGA Twin Cam, there’s some wheels to really get a hard on for…..

  5. No way should the BBC of resurrected Top Gear, the clueless wankers missed a trick that was obvious to everyone but the PC liberal cunts who claim they didn’t notice they had a host of child molesting cunts working for them.

    You have Top Gear and you add Chris Evans and what do you have have Top Cunt. Every week you could cunt of different celebrities and have your cunt of the week.

    Fucking license fee and someone couldn’t see this was being gifted to them? No wonder their producers get a slap from the talent.

  6. Never liked the show or them three long haired cunts,plus same format every season,fucking hate Evans the TFI Friday cunt and what the fuck is that yank on there for…..itd have been better with the chuckle brothers

  7. Matt Le Blanc aka Matt The White on Top Gear, what next Ted Danson on Eastenders running the Queen Vic?

    Top Gear is shite, always has been, always will be. Aimed at cunts with an IQ lower than their engine size (1.2, 1.4, 1.6 or the tru Top Gear inteligencia of 2.0)
    Doing fucking doughnuts at the Cenotaph is taking the piss and disrespectful but I guess when the show is this shite the smoke and burning rubber makes the retarded viewers go “ooooohhhhhh”

    Top Gear is shit, the BBC are cunts, Matt Le Blanc is a fat actor ‘Yank’ monotone cunt and Jeremy Clarkson is a denim wearing smelly cunt.

  8. That German bird is a serious driver, got a Ford Transit around the Nurburgring faster than most would with a Ferrari. So she’s there on merit by being the best driver Top Gear have had, ever.

    TG went shit years ago, I only ever tuned in over the last few years for the special episodes.

  9. I’ve just bothered to glance at that photo up there. Eddy Jordan? Eddy fekin Jordan! The turnip chomping gob shite bog trotting midget; what the fuck does he know about cars. Another good reason for not tuning in.

    Top Cunts!

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