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  1. I heard that the tear gas used by Russian riot police is a diluted formula of Mirren’s queefs…

  2. Anyone who is brave enough check out http://www.bestgore.com for some truly shocking real life videos. Looked at it now and again, some things are hard to get out of my head. You have been warned.

  3. That shit for brains Pope said 4 million migrants isn’t enough we “need 450,000 more” The reason is because migrants pay your pensions(don’t ask its a stupid liberal mong answer) and.. and because the holocaust happened! what a fucking load of shite! We need them because jesus, but don’t convert them they are fine as they are as wife beating child marrying bellends

    • This dress wearing, burning handbag swinging, paedo supporter needs to shut his gob.
      These are real issues, real problems.
      Stick to your God wanking and cannibalism (eat his flesh, drink his blood, FFS grow up you cunts)
      This cunt travels in a bullet proof car.
      If God ain’t gonna save this cunt, what chance have the rest of us got.

    • Would that be the same pope who lives in the Vatican city?

      The same Vatican city that has the fucking massive walls around it?

      Those same fucking massive walls that were built to keep Muslim shitbags out?

      If the gobshite dago cunt wants them, he is more than welcome to keep all of them. And when I say keep all of them, I mean keep all of them locked in.

      Preferably giving Catholic priests, Bishops and Cardinals a taste of their own rogering…

      Sorry. Meant medicine.

      • Its a neo Nazi dumb as fuck American website. I am not saying all of what they say is bullshit but their agenda is obvious.

      • “Why are you always quoting the Daily Stormer?” I wasn’t quoting them that was my own writing the article is their’s though but to answer your question because they hate liberals as much as I do.

      • Out of curiosity, I visited this website B&WC. What did I find? Stomach-turning racism, mad conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic filth.

        Apparently, the delightful chap who runs it admits to being a National Socialist.

        Our Zionist overlords must be a pretty crap bunch if they can’t keep their evil machinations secret from this load of mouth breathers.

      • “What did I find? “Stomach-turning racism, mad conspiracy theories” Oh good so not that different from the BBC then.
        “Our Zionist overlords must be a pretty crap bunch if they can’t keep their evil machinations secret from this load of mouth breathers.” Never say never Mr.racism is bad. Still think zionism doesn’t exist even though its existed for the last 500 bloody years even longer! Just because they are a organization doesn’t mean they are untouchable CMC but they have plenty of power. Guess you skipped this http://www.dailystormer.com/american-government-pushing-discredited-working-definition-of-antisemitism-on-european-governments/

  4. Well done Norman for the Helen Mirren fillum clips. Just how I remember the filly. Used to love to perform up close and personal in small theatres. You have made an old man very happy.

  5. To say Mirren’s been given a cunting she seems to be getting some flattering comments. Makes me wonder why she’s been cunted ?.

    • I think there is a difference between a fine cunt that has served many well, and a cunt. Mirren has a flap in both camps

      • Will grant her an excellent pair of tits in her youth and she ate a burger after getting an Oscar…….on balance though……she is still a cunt.

  6. Ian Duncan-Smith has FINALLY resigned… and people (including Pigfucker) seem baffled. Could it possibly have anything to do with the stuff on Freedom of Information, and that his bluff has been called? He’s going now before the slop hits the rotors…

    All he has to do now is just fuck off and die.

    • I wonder if the list of those poor sods who have either died or topped themselves after the DWP under IDS declared many genuinely sick, ill, impared and mentally ill people ‘fit for work’ is about to go public (ie: the BBC will actually report something about it.. Fat chance…)?

      But even if it does, Pigfucker and Gideon (who are as guilty as IDS) will act like grassing schoolkids and squeal, ‘It was all Duncy-Smiffy’s fault! It was him, Miss! etc….’ Fucking hell, even Maggie and her enforcer, Tebbit, stopped at persecuting the disabled, hounding the unemployed and part time workers and telling registered blind people to ‘go and see what jobs are available (true story)…’

      Al three of them should fuck off and die…. Horribly…

      • Did anyone else see the lad in the papers last week who lost all his limbs due to some dreadful illness? The story was about this poor get getting letters of the DWP (under orders from IDS) demanding he ‘proves that he is disabled…’ No arms or legs, how much more fucking disabled do they want it?

        It’s not just Duncan-Smith though…. As well as him they should all be held accountable… All his collaborators: DWP staff, Atos, Seetec, Learn Direct, Jobcentre staff, businesses and ‘charities’ who took part, GPs who refused to help genuinely sick people and turned a blind eye… There should be Nuremberg style showtrial on live TV, then they should kill the bastards…. I hope every single cunt involved in IDS’s purge is haunted by those they have killed… Murdering cunts…

      • I seem to remember that IDS had some sort of naval training… good ol’ traditions like “walking the plank” and “keel-hauling” spring to mind

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