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  1. No disagreements here hutchence was a absolute cunt don’t know bout tuneless but then again the shite I have heard is quite awful radio friendly sellout crap.

    • I think he had a good band behind him in INXS… But he himself was just another Jagger impersonator…. He was a total cunt and had the morals of a tomcat on crack where relationships were concerned…. Ask Bob Geldof (even though he is a cunt) and Jason Donovan…. There are probably many other relationships he wrecked by stealing other men’s women too… Cunt…

      • @cuntbuster “no one ‘steals’ a ‘mans woman’, you simple cunt, they leave willingly.”
        Keep telling yourself that each scenario is debatable but coerce bribe steal call it what you want but women are very impressionable.

      • Yeah that’s true but isn’t ol geldof(mr.savetheworld) partly responsible for hutchence’s suicide saying something like “I am above the law” when he was asking to talk to his kid. Then again what irish man doesn’t utter these exact words lol.

        Jerking off while strangling yourself with a belt quite a way to commit suicide. Yeah hutchence was a cheating cunt maybe he didn’t deserve his kid after all(but the paddy cunt is no better). Sad state of affairs his daughter and 1st wife died of a heroin overdose. They probably listened to We Are the World and Do They Know It’s Cuntsmas?and said to themselves “fuck it life isn’t worth living with that band aid paddy cunt”

      • Geldof is an utter cunt, I agree, TitSlapper… His declining taste in women also shows how coked up Hutchence was… Kylie Minogue I can understand (I would!), but Paula fucking Yates?!! She was rougher than a water buffalo’s arse… Had he not had a wank on the end of a rope no doubt ‘Hutch’ would have had Patsy ‘Starfucker’ Kensit, after Liam had finished with her…

      • Agreed norm but I think hutch went out with yates cause she had a warm outgoing personality.

        They actually re-recorded this shite song “Do they know it’s a shitty griefjacking song?”https://youtu.be/-w7jyVHocTk chav cunts always say “the song might not be the best but they did it for a good cause” No they didn’t they exploited 3rd world pain and suffering and how do we know where the charity money went? It’s good knowing that the cunt musicians doing this have 4 mansions and millions in the bank griefjacking fucking cunts! Bono & Geldof kings of griefjacking

      • A stupid song it was too… Somebody should have told the sanctimonious bogtrotting cunts that most Africans don’t celebrate Christmas… And the Yank one (‘We Are The World’) was even worse… A coca cola commercial masquerading as a charity appeal…

      • Yep, like Paula Yates, but at least she told that cunt Geldof where to fuck off to and du die.Self-asphiciating monkey games my arse, I mean what a cunt!

  2. As far as fucking ‘other men’s women’, I don’t suppose he did anything we wouldn’t do given half a chance. Anyway it’s nice to know that despite the availability of fanny, he still fancied the occasional wank.

  3. Ha ha ha – the dirty perverted junkie cunt was so greedy he had all his assets and money tied up in a shady network of trusts and shell companies to evade tax (like the filthy evil war-criminal cunt Tony Blair).

    When the depraved filth died in some sick perverted wanking ritual, lawyers thieved all his money and assets, and the crack-baby cunt, Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof Mong Tits – he had with the junkie slag Paula (incest) Yates, got nothing.

    That deformed Satan-gargoyle Bob Gelfof is right peeved. He thought he would get his greasy grabbing paws on a £30million inheritance when he adopted the little crack ho, Lily Dandelion Hutchence Geldof Slag Twat.

  4. Very well cunted! The entire family – excluding the old man, who nevertheless was shady – are massive, egotistical cunts. The brother alone, Rhett, is one of the most pretentious wankers that ever graced the fine Victorian city of Sydney. The mother’s a piss elegant strumpet, and Geldof’s (scruffy inbred Oirish snake oil salesman) was right to restrict access, although Hutchence and that awful cumstain Yates (whose father should have shot her – all over the sheets), made a habit of destroying the innocence of any children that hovered within coo-ee of them anyway.

  5. i dont have a problem with hutchence, he wasnt a liberal, he wasnt a queer and he made some great music, he also hated that irish cunt bob “gimme your money” geldof, anyone who is an enemy of geldof is a friend of mine

  6. Noted, KiwiCunt, I referred to the style of buildings in Sydders as being of the Victorian era. Sydders, is my home town and place of birth. There are two types living in Sydney in particular and Australia in general:
    1. Those who were born in Sydney.
    2. The also rans who transplanted from Lower Dogpatch, Tasmania, “just outside London” or some rude’n’rural provincial open sewer or, indeed, a small country town called New Zealand.
    This is the way it is. This is the way it always was. And this is the way it always will be.
    Learn from it.

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