David Beckham [3]


David Beckham needs to fuck off now. Sick of seeing the grinning cunt everywhere, when he is not grinning he’s pulling the ‘mean look’ on his Fragrance adverts.

I bet he couldn’t drink two shots of his Whisky without getting pissed. Has been a cunt since he wore that Sarong. We will been bombarded by the Beckhams for decades now. I don’t even reckon David fucks Posh anymore, he’s been caught cheating before (silly man, getting caught) and I think it’s the money they can make being a couple which keeps them together.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

24 thoughts on “David Beckham [3]

  1. Mmmmmm… not sure he should be cunted.

    I don’t believe you can cunt the man because of his cunt family, (which is not in doubt).

    Apart from the fact that he can barely string a comprehensible sentence together, he does seem to be a down to earth, genuinely nice person despite his wealth, and he also seems a good ambassador for the UK (which frankly I don’t give a fuck about).

    Trawl through the many reality celeb cunts and you could possibly come up with a plethora of people needing a more deserving Cunting.

    Just my opinion and NO, I’m not gay…well..!!!!!….

    • FUCK OFF, this is IS A CUNT, and Beckham is a cunt. ergo fuck you, fuck Beckham and fuck this website, you’re all cunts

    • Agreed… Anyone who thinks the sun shines out of Victoria’s skInny arse and then marries her has to be a cunt…

    • He is definitely not a nice, down to earth person when he is asking a charity to pay for his business class flight so that he can attend an event. This prick is worth £280 million and hes asking a charity to cough up £6000 for his flight. As for his response when he didnt get a knighthood…this shows what type of person he is and he even admits that he was only doing the charity thing so he could get a knighthood. A vacuous, amoral scumbag that deserves to be outed for the greedy wanker that he is. He doesn’t give a fuck about charity or anything else that doesn’t involve him getting paid massive amounts of money.

  2. Beckham’s punishment for being as thick as pigshit is having victoria common as fuck spice for a wife, not only is she a low rent cunt she looks like Chris Ewbank when she smiles hence she doesn’t smile in public anymore. Money can buy many things but it can’t buy class as the pair of em must surely of realised by now, well her at least as he’s too dense to know.

    • If she smiled her face would snap in half. Didn’t mind the Spice Girls but they ain’t so fragrant now, and their second album was loads better than the first, honest.
      Agreed, she needs to work her way through the entire Little Chef menu in one sitting and get some lard on, painful looking tent peg.
      Dave B – no fucking opinion really, seems harmless so cunt the fucker for not living up to celeb status properly, idle git.

  3. Why is he wearing a Ned Flanders moustache in that photo?

    Oh yes, I forgot. Because Vicky told him to.

    What a cunt.

  4. He’s a cunt just for being in the same photograph as that Corden twat, who seems to think being fat automatically makes him fucking hilarious. A pack of Rottweilers would look amazing all over the wobbly bellend, but I’d be happy watching said savage beasts just give Beckham a minor mauling. Still a cunt though. Don’t know why he married that bony slag, more profitable as a couple I suppose.

    • Leave Rottweilers alone. They’re incredibly intelligent and a pleasure to have in your home.

      James Corden on the other hand is a fat unfunny cunt who should be stung by Irukandji jellyfish, left for the rats to pick at and anything left thrown to a pack of ravenous timber wolves.

      Only then would he be in any way amusing or entertaining.

      I also happen to love timber wolves.

      Thats pay per view material right there.

    • Corden better not lose any more weight or he’ll be in the dole queue. His immense belly is his only ‘funny fat man’ talent.
      Sick of seeing the overrated fat bastard.

      I remember Patrick Stewart giving him a live dressing down on stage about the size of his belly at the ‘Glamour Awards’ but, predictably, everyone cheered for Corden when he flashed his disgusting flabby gut. Jean Luc was wasted out of his bald head though – made a right tit of himself but at least he called out Corden, the fat twat.

    • Everytime that Joe Pasquale impressionist appears on tv, curry’s share price must go through the roof. This fame craving, recognition needing wank stain needs to realise (along with Noel Edmonds) that he has had his fifteen minutes and it’s over. A goal from the halfway line and one half decent game for England against Greece was about it. An average footballer who got lucky and now has what appears to be a business arranged marriage with a holocaust survivor. Will these cunts ever fuck off? I doubt it, just like a ball bag cyst, gonna be around a while.

    • I was going to say Beckham was a cunt but that cunt Corden distracted me. He is a massive, massive unfunny cunt. I’m all cunted out for now. Wait til I get my breath back…

      Beckham is also a thick cunt and his wife needs a good dinner and a proper pumping.

  5. I made the mistake of buying some of his aftershave (only because it was under a tenner). Should have just splashed vodka on my chops, because that’s what the cheap piss smelt like.

    Should have known better…

  6. Halal Bacon, love that name gave me the biggest laugh of the day, I can see it in Tescos between the streaky and lean back.

  7. The repellent chav Beckhams are now into a second generation of cuntishness. One of their offspring is a model and another has been hired as a photographer; both purely on merit and not nepotism, of course.

    Try as I might, I can’t avoid these cunts. Scrolling down a news website, I read all the headlines. Anything with the words “celebrity” or “Beckham” or “Kardashian” is guaranteed to cause a spike in my blood pressure. I should sue!! Which should be my legal precedent – fat bastards suing food companies or Iraqi cunts suing British soldiers? Health or human rights?

  8. Flood Protection/Defence Agency needs the severest imaginable cunting, and an air enema of industrial strength. Have just found out that we now have a major biscuit shortage, because United Biscuits in Carlisle was more or less wiped out. No more Bourbons for about three months, guess I’ll have to drink Maker’s Mark or JD instead… The FDA’s so fuckin’ wet you could shoot ducks off it. Useless clap-infested cunts.

    • I know, no fucking ginger nuts. And no bourbons either. After chocolate digestives, they’re the only biscuits I like. Someone’s gonna die for this.

  9. David Beckham, the most-overrated cunt until Wayne Rooney fluked a goal for Everton.
    Any cunt can get lucky, just ask Tony Adams, the Arsenal cunt who was sponsored by Donkey and still managed to score a few goals.
    If you aim at the goal and the wind is blowing then chances are you will score eventually.
    Fuck Beckham and his family of fucking inbred ponies,
    No I am not jealous of David, his achievements or money, well maybe I am jealous he fucked Rebecca Loos, but apart from that he is a cunt with a tiny dick, a shit free-kick and a wife and kids that make me want to be adopted by the Mansons!



    For no other reason than she is not sucking my cock, sitting on my face, letting me fuck her arse & she works on Countdown thinking she is gods gift.

    Fucking bitch

  11. We must never stop cunting Beckham. The stupid voice , limited intelligence , painted wankrag has done everything to get his stupid talentless broomstick of a wife ,miserable cunt of the year and his ridiculous family in the media .
    His success is down to the reptilian cunts in the media who think the big squeaky tosspot is news. He isn’t , he is too stupid and utterly unable to enunciate his fucking name without honking up, the grossercunt needs a brain transplant, a beetroot would fit perfectly.

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