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Only last week, that wretched sack of shit, Corbyn, announced that he thought it was time to negotiate with ISIS. Yeah right, because negotiating with islamic psychopaths always works well. Corbyn is an idiot. This is someone who thinks we should follow the example of Costa Rica and disband our armed forces.

Obviously, that would work well, because all those Irish republicans and muslim mentalists would not in any way seek to take advantage of our sudden inability to defend ourselves. Countries like Russia would also not seek to take advantage of us not having so much as a catapult with which to fight enemies.

Then of course there he was his dipshit announcement that he was unhappy with the thought of British police using lethal force against ISIS terrorists during an attack in the UK. He’s also announced his opposition to bombing the shit out of ISIS in Syria. This is, apparently, at odds with the general public. According to a survey by one of the major polling firms, a majority of the British public are now in favour not only of dropping large amounts very heavy ordnance on the medieval motherfuckers, but also of sending troops. Well, I’ve already been there and done that, so it’s some other fucker’s turn.

Corbyn, putting it politely, is a knob. Moreover, he’s a dangerous knob. Most people think he doesn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of becoming PM, but I beg to differ. It’s UNLIKELY that hell get into No 10, but it’s not impossible. And if he does, say goodbye to the United Kingdom.

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28 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn [4]

  1. I don’t rate him any higher or lower than all the other lying hypocritical politician scum…..he’s just another cunt in a big cesspit of corruption filled with other similar cunts!

    • If he thinks these evil, deranged fuckers can be negotiated with, why doesnt the deluded cunt have himself parachuted in to do the job ???


    Corbyn has just been out-cunted by Ken Livingstone who has today described British troops as discredited:

    “We can’t put British troops on the ground [in Syria], they’re too discredited after Iraq and Afghanistan”

    • Livingstone really is a worthless piece of shit. Every time I see him, I just want to beat him to death. And I actually would do it if he was worth the jail time.

  3. British troops are filth. Most of them are bullying retarded shit from council estates who have a right good laugh burning babies alive.

    There are a few of the dirty army cunts in my town who sleep rough, and twitch like bastards with PTSD (because of all the kids they have raped and killed).

    All the war criminal shit cunts will burn in hell.

  4. Oh John what a pathetic little man you really are. Don’t you realise that without the British Army you wouldn’t be free to spout your deranged mumblings. My Father served in the Royal Artillery he was a great man. You on the other hand are an obnoxious toad.

  5. I’m waiting to see if he’ll be: a fucking sell out Keir Hardy or a principled, but, pushed out and sold out Victor Grayson. Anyone who has the balls, not to mention the stomach, to shag abbott needs treating with respect, or moste probably with antibiotics.

    • He’s more like the son of Michael Foot… The longest political suicide note in history Part 2…

      As Bernard Manning would have said about Diane Abbott, She’s the sort of woman who would make a bloke turn queer…

    • Bernard was good mates with my dad… I think we still have his albums… You could only buy them at the club and he was actually a pretty good singer… But you’re right when you say the Embassy was all about fun and a real laugh… Days that are sadly gone…

      • Manning is under-rated I feel, mainly because he is lazy shorthand for “urgh racist, urgh sexist” comedy by people who find The Now Show, Mel and Sue and Sandi Toksvig funny (I’d add Citizen Khan but I really don’t think anybody thinks that’s funny). He was a great stand up, cliche alert, he learned his trade the hard way on the club circuit, that’s why he was good. He did indeed have a nice singing voice, as evidenced on The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club. His compering there is probably his best work.

  6. Looks like Dave The Troll has a new IP address to avoid the spam filter. Crawl back to your disabled toilet fucktard!

  7. Corbyn is a twat and there are so many others like him… The Left desecrate language… Patriotism becomes xenophobia, loyalty means bigotry and tradition is turned into racism…. They pollute everything… You could say the left is the new right… What these cunts want is a form of fascism… Everybody white and British shut the fuck up and do as we say… That’s where these cunts are at…

    • Fascism is of the left. It is a collectivist idealogy in which the individual is subserviant to the State. Doesnt sound very right wing to me. Just another example of how the left twist and lie.

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