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I once got bollocked at school because I made a big fuss over the Irish spelling of Shawn.

There was a lad in our class called Sean McGuiness. In Ireland it is spelled SEAN, when I pointed out to my teacher that it should be pronounced SEEN I was bollocked, I then argued there is no H so how the hell can it be pronounced SHORN.

Needless to say I was removed from the lesson for disruptive behavoiur!

Teachers, now theres a group who need a good cunting!

Nominated by: Boaby

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  1. Fuck me, this site is turning in to the Boaby Show…I am now so infamous I will surely get cunted soon…:D

  2. To be fair not all teachers are evil brainwashing cunts, many go in to teaching to try and make a difference, it’s only then they realise that the government and offstead set what shall and shall not be taught. they are the brainwashing cunts!

    Is it any wonder most teachers are alcoholics by the time they reach 40? allegedly of course!

    • Alot of teachers are alcoholics I had this one teacher I could always smell vodka on her breath , she actually was fired a few years later after she screamed at and slapped a student.

  3. My first wife was a teacher, my second a nurse, my current Girlfriend a teacher, forget the prim and proper idea, they were / are very educational…..the nurse rather disapointing.
    I feel quite educated.

  4. Ah Jimmy Edwards. Pictured from Whacko I believe. Knew the cunt in passing many years ago. Orften attended by schoolboy and not just for rehearsals. I am talking about the late ’50s early ’60s. A deeply unhappy man, closet gay. The whole show and attendant comics, annuals ect featured schoolboy, trousers down, getting caned by Edwards.
    Oh yes, spot orf buggery by the headmaster in the showers before assembly. The kiss of hard shiny toilet paper (Izal and Bronco) to the arse. Getting tossed orf into one’s desk draw during Latin. Built Empires, gave a man the bottom to defeat the Hun. By God put the Great into Britain.

    • I’m not that worried about the spelling of shawn or sean, shawn makes more sense to me but the same case could be made bout yank spelling mom and mum both are right. Teacher has a look on his face that says he wants to fiddle that young boy what abunch of sick cunts what he do drop his pencil? . Teacher leave those kids alone! https://youtu.be/qs35t2xFqdU

    • Being taught as kid by ex ww2 teachers and a truant officer you did not fuck about and if anything was out of order they would have a have beer and discuss with my father a matlot
      And he´d come drunk and tell mother lol

  5. Teachers these days are cunts, no question about it. Overpaid cunts who can’t cut it in the adult world and so choose to hang around with kids. And all the holidays they get, its hardly any wonder kids can’t write their own name when they leave school because they are hardly ever there! Who else in the public sector get so much for doing so little? And they are a set of bolshy cunts too, always moaning about something, why not get a job you fucking like you cunts?

    In my day teachers actually knew their subject. These days it seems that is not required. What teachers do these days is teach the curriculum parrot fashion. Ask any of the cunts something that isn’t in the curriculum and they haven’t got a fucking clue.

    I know of one cunt, ex head of the home economics department if you fucking please, took early retirement and is now getting paid a fucking fortune as a supply teacher in subjects like science about which she knows fuck all.

    And that’s another thing, back in the day you had proper subjects, physics, biology, chemistry, maths. Now they just have “science”, a catch all subject. Where are the engineers and scientists going to come from. Fucking India and China…

    • Totally agree, the holidays are ridiculous. They now seem to have a teacher training day tagged onto every holiday. Teacher training day, my arse, just an excuse for another days holiday.

  6. How do you know if someone is a teacher? They tell you within two seconds of meeting them. And then drone on about how hard they work, failing to mention that most of them are unemployable outside of the hot paedo-fest that is the school. Ooohhh, I spend all my days off working on my lesson plans (something that people with no talent for educating rely upon). Really? So why don’t you cunts go on strike during the summer holidays then? Cunts. Cunts. Cunts.

  7. I only met a decent teacher after I left school… I was at college and she looked like Shirley Maclaine in The Apartment… She taught me a lot (some of it unprintable!)… Even after all these years she still raises a … err… smile…

    She now teaches in Japan and we are still in touch…

  8. You don’t realise until you grow up what illiterate, innumerate, ignorant, lazy, stupid, worthless, evil shit, (state school) teachers are (were). The dirty sick filth go in it to destroy the life chances and happiness of children.

    These days the evil filth ‘teaching’ in state schools also has cornucopia of drugs to destroy any child with talent or ability.

    Children who are inquisitive, alert, and ask questions, are put straight onto Ritalin and other anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals, to put them in a stupor so the other sheep children can be conditioned into the ways or sodomy and bestiality (at the expense of knowledge and understanding) without interruption.

    You have never really met evil filth from hell until you have met a state school ‘teacher’.

    • True, but are they merely tools of the system. When I questioned the subject and content of a lesson there followed an exchange of views and the teacher played his trump card: “Sit down, shut up and learn what the powers that be tell me to teach you, it’s called the national curriculum.”

      14 tender years old and green as cabbage; I didn’t know then what an epiphany was, I do now.

  9. Remember a cunt called Furphy who was supposed to be the top maths teacher in my school. In reality he was shite because he was more interested in threatening us all with the cane if we didn’t get it right first time. I swear after all these years I’d have no hesitation in spreading the cunts nose across his ugly fucking face if I see him in the street.

  10. Extrapolating the aspirations of the education system to its illogical conclusion: when every drone has a degree and each drone is self employed and working from home over their fibre broadband, and every degree failed moron is on reality tv, then what?

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