Charlotte Church [2]


Millionaire Charlotte Church had a go at somebody for ‘being a comfortable millionaire with an opinion…’ Well, that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?
From a millionaire tart who can never shut the fuck up…

Is she really that stupid or just an out and out cunt? Probably both…. The silly Welsh slag should go into comedy, as she’s fucking hilarious…

Nominated by: Norman

Charlotte Church was on Question Time last week spouting off that one of the reasons behind the rise of ISIS in Syria is climate change/drought. Didn’t see it myself, but I can well believe she’d talk shite!

Shut your fucking bone shute you welsh cunt!

Nominated by: Lou Smorrels

26 thoughts on “Charlotte Church [2]

  1. Charlotte Church, touted by the media as “the voice of an angel”, It’s a shame she possesses the intellect of a “piece of shit stuck to the toilet bowl”.
    An alcoholic, chavvy, drug using cunt of a whore who has jumped on the band wagon because even though she would suck Satan’s cock for a record deal, as we all know, A&R scouts and record producers only fuck little children, hence why she got her record deals at age 12, they are not interested in her now she is ‘legally’ fuckable.

    So yes, she is a cunt, a massive cunt who possesses a cunt the size of the Euro Tunnel, (and has probably had as many immigrants insider her too).
    I would still spray my man-muck all over her tits, but I’m not fussy, I’d shag Susan Boyle up the shitter by the wheelie-bins after 15 pints of the wife beater (Stella Artois).

    And a very nice photo Mr Dioclese, half tempted to ‘knock one out’ but Rachel Riley is on Countdown, so she is getting my ‘load’ today, the fucking slut 🙂

    • Voice of an Angel, brain of a corpse. Although, from what I’ve seen, she seems to think she’s more intelligent than Einstein. It made me laugh when she claimed right wing bias after she got no applause when she said that the Syrian civil war was caused by global warming. No love, the lack of applause was actually a stunned silence that ANYONE could be that thick.

      Right wing bias? In a BBC Question Time Audience? Come off it. There’s more chance of homeowner in Los Angeles finding a Polar bear raiding their fridge. Church should stick to what she does best. Whatever that is.

  2. Nice photoshop, but I just don’t imagine Church to have the full Hollywood wax.

    In fact, maybe I should pre-emptively cunt “Mo-vember” unless a female equivalent is immediately set up (in the interests of the equality they crave)?

    Perhaps the female equivalent should be called “Decem-beaver” – and will require photographic evidence that the bush is back.

  3. a well deserved cunting for this brain dead,loud mouthed wanna be fuckpig,i was having a curry in Cardiff a year or so ago,this fuckwit and her gang of slags turn up and proceed to make cunts of themselves,all I could hear was them gobbing of for a fucking hour,nobody gave a flying fuck who she was all they wanted was to enjoy their curry,as it happens I had the tikka which was orange[before the food colouring ban] and im sad to say it was a similar coour to the other Cardiff retard gavin cunt Henson another talentless Cardiff cunt

  4. It’s been 5 months since the challenge was made and not heard a sausage but we can live in hope the fight will come orf:
    Have observed that Ms Church has fattened up more than somewhat and with his predilection for piggies we assume that Cameron is interested in her vocal talents.

      • Looks more like adele or Angela Merkel the tubby bint slags church is far more skinny. Although I’m not so sure about her vocal talents and still haven’t heard anything too impressive aside from a kate bush cover but at least she doesn’t use autotune or lip-syncs to my knowledge.

  5. I wouldn’t waste any of mine on Church… I just don’t like birds who are gobshites…

    The Pilsbury Dough Woman, Angela Merkel, is apparently a favourite for the Nobel Peace Prize… So letting a load of wogs spread through ze fatherland like a dose of colarado beetle
    and causing no end of trouble is worthy of such a gong?

    Someone should just shoot the silly old bitch…

      • I said to the lad today “you fucking Germans? when you have europe you go tits up and lose the plot ” !
        Waiting for DDR angie to be dishing medals for 15 year old boyscouts with her heart shaped hands
        Only the begining of the end BIG PACKS OF THE CUNTS GRATIS

  6. Angela Merkel and other idiots on the progressive left should be lynched for their policy of welcoming huge numbers of immigrants with such regressive cultures. The people of Europe (including us if we don’t stop mass immigration and get out of the EU) will pay in the future for this stupidity. Of course, Angela and her ilk won’t personally suffer as they are rich enough to move to any area/country they like after having destroyed it for the rest of us who are not so financially blessed.

    • Angela Merkel deserves death for what she’s doing to her own country and europe as a whole. For saying such a thing she should be forced to have 10 syrian families come stay with her in her mansion she is gonna turn germany into sweden and amsterdam which looks likes pakistan for fuck sakes and the rape stats have gone up considerably there. Diversity is anti-white and thats a fucking fact,even though I’m not a atheist christopher hitchens was right about islamization and the bullshite they bring over.

      • Because of the likes of Merkel, Europe will probably eventually end up like it was when Atilla The Hun was up to his tricks…

        Why is it always the bloody Germans who fuck Europe up? Fucking sausage eating jackbooted cunts…

      • The bosh have tried twice before to take over Europe and we beat them both times. It looks as though they are trying a third time, will we be there to beat them again?

  7. Obama and the wanker yank US military are cunts last week obonzo condemned russia for bombing terrorists no less but just 4 days ago the stupid US military bombed a fucking hospital … get this by mistake “whoops we’re sorry didn’t mean too”. Stupid rednecked bastards targeted a hospital not just any hospital but MSF aka Doctors Without Borders helping people in the worst of the worst situations but it gets worse. “All parties [to the] conflict, including in Kabul & Washington, were clearly informed of precise GPS Coordinates of MSF facilities in Kunduz,” and that the “precise location of MSF Kunduz hospital [was] communicated to all parties on multiple occasions over past months, including on 9/29.”
    Utterly useless Yanks Now does anybody understand why america is the most hated continent in the western world and US has the worst track record for friendly fire and “mistakes” in war, stupid bloody americunts good for nothing slags. If you’re army personal and fighting with yanks just run toward the enemy their is less of a chance of “accidentally” getting blown up or killed.

    • Standard yank practice to bomb hospitals “by accident” for as long as I can remember. Why do you think they coined the euphemisms “collateral damage” and “friendly fire”? Many cases of friendly fire against British forces hushed up. Happened all the time during WWII, Vietnam ect ect. Yanks cannot shoot straight unless it’s at a school, hospital, shopping centre, old black man on a zimmer ect.

    • I don’t get it really. The Yanks bomb Syria and it’s OK. The Russians bomb Syria and it’s all wrong. The Yanks then reinforce the Baltic States because of the increased threats from Russia which frankly don’t even exist. Bunch of cunts!

      I loved the Russian response : “Give us the targets Mr Obama and we’ll bomb them for you.” At least they might have a chance of actually hitting said targets if the Russians did it…

      I’m reminded of what John Simpson’s father told him when he announced he was going to be a war correspondent : “Don’t stand in front of the Yanks!” Sound advice. They’re hopeless. They only won in 1776 because we wanted to get rid of the fuckers!

      • Yanks / NATO being very disingenuous (a refined form of cuntitude) here. They know Russia have to keep their ad hoc air base in Latakia secure which is why they’re bombing any non-Assad troops/terrorists in western Syria. Other than Assad’s troops there are no ground forces to tackle ISIL whatever after Russia has bombed them. If the Beeb are to believed, a big fuckin ask, the Free Syrian Army (using US hardware) is launching rocket attacks on Assad’s ground forces and actually blowing up some tanks. Beeb showed some footage of helicopter gunships flying very low (about 5m off theground) and then actually said they didn’t know if these were Syrian or Russian, despite RT News repeatedly larging it that the choppers (did see what model they were but I can’t remember it now,
        cunt, looked like the one in Rambo Afghanistan) were RUSSIAN and their purpose was to defend Latakia.

        Michael Fallon is an odious cunt

        Beeb are pro-EU cunts.

      • your talking shite!!! your telling me there’s no threat from Russia well tell that to the Nordic country’s…you have no idea about that part of the world! or it’s history, you jibber like Murdock! stick to Welsh slags ! actually I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

      • Obama is a poofter cunt, President Obama apologized(For the hospital bombing). His spokesman said that when America “makes a mistake, we’re honest about it.” What the fuck does that mean? when america fucks up big time we’re honest about it?,yeah so are serial killers you’re point. “America’s motives, he effectively said, are pure: “There’s no other, frankly, country or government that takes greater care to investigate incidents like this, uh, to hold folks accountable and to, uh, try to, uh, take every measure possible to avoid civilian casualties.”Uh uh uh Yeah so folks uncle sam motives were pure(so is a paedophiles you evil cunts) so fuck you(innocents killed) for americas huge mistake who cares if we killed innocents “cause america rules and freedom”evil cunts. The general behind this should be jailed and throw the key away. Americunts can’t even apologize properly they just make a justification and say fuck you if you don’t accept it.

  8. Shes one of them Yates Yeti, a voice like a nasal drill, I would be hard pushed to be hard pushed! you gutter dwelling valley pissing rugby shagging bleet hole!
    cheese and chips Charlotte wins every time you utter cunt!!!

  9. Anyone wanna guess who’s body the comely Charlottes fizzog has been edited on to? Mrs Fleawife thinks it may be Emily Addison. Its a great combination.

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