Romanian migrants


I would Like to Cunt Romanians, or Romaniacs as they should be known.

I have had a family move in next door. The Kids are nice but the parents? They are loud (hear the Cunts through the walls) and antisocial. I am sure the Father is a thieving Cunt as they have loads of wires in the back garden which appeared over time. I saw one of the elder Kids peeling them to get the copper or whatever the fuck metal it is.

Now don’t get me wrong I am partial to a bit of Romanian, (Had a fling with a sexy Hotel worker in Cyprus) and generally the women are nice but a lot of the new arrivals here seem like Cunts. My neighbours don’t seem to work, live in a two bedroom house with 5 kids, I wonder who the fuck pays for it all? Ridiculous.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

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  1. hmm cigani ! yes I have pleasant memories of the genuine romani peoples, I know one person who opted for a cheap BMW service from the locals that involved hand carved beechwood brake pads!
    They do actualy work but require daily changes on the plus side though I would say Romanian amunition is uniqie the 7.62x 30 klashnikov amunition has a mild steel insert (lead is expensive) and they do not mushroom on impact, very handy when the baddies have body armour.

    • There is the option of drilling and reaming out an under cut in the nose of the steel insert, bit of mercury, hard wax plug and Bob’s yer Dad’s brother.

      Not that I in anyway condone such a modification.



  2. This is a proxy cunting of Eva Carneiro on behalf of Saint Jose Mourinho, who is too shy and too much of a gentleman to do it himself. Political correctness, the feminazi and the likelihood of a court case has prevented His Holiness from revealing the real reason, at least in public, for their spat so I will report our private conversation verbatim.
    ‘The greatest team in the world managed by, with the exception of Big Sam A, the greatest manager in the game’s history, had a poor start to the 2015/16 season. We were languishing near the bottom of the table among riff-raff such as Sunderland and Newcastle; and I was at a loss to understand this dip in form. I was still the tactical mastermind of old, and I still had the same team that conquered the Premiership last season, so my usual excuses of referee bias, dodgy pitches, etc., which might have satisfied the media, didn’t quite cut it with my superior intellect.
    Then, during the Swansea match in August I had a eureka moment. With the game at 2-2, we needed a last gasp goal to give Chelsea the three points that are my right. In situations like this, I have one of my men feign injury in order to give me time to reorganise the attack; and, on that day, Eden Hazard won the raffle to be the fall guy. Holding a raffle for the privilege of being injured should have set the alarm bells off, but a genius, even one as great as me, sometimes makes the odd mistake. Having a fit, good looking bird as team doctor was my big mistake. When she rushed onto the pitch without my permission, I could see Eden’s caralho rising from a hundred feet away. His shorts looked like a fucking bell tent. How can anyone play football with a hard-on? I had eleven of them limping about!
    She has gone now, and liberal additions of bromide to the team’s teapot are gradually reducing the mass swelling. We are back to our winning ways, just in time to stuff Wenger The Wanker yet again.
    Although she’s still a cunt, I plan to use Carneiro to help Chelsea retain the title. I have written a glowing report on her abilities to Louise van Girl, and that Chilean dictator Pinochet, in the hope that one of the Manchester clubs will take her on. That would slow the bastards down, especially if her shirt gets wet, which will happen every week; because it’s always raining there, isn’t it Norman?

    • The fuss in the media over Carneiro was absurd… Had she been a man nobody would have given a fuck… I recall Alex Ferguson (great manager, but a right cunt in his time) treated longtime United physio, Jim McGregor like crap and nobody in the press batted an eyelid…. I am pleased to say that United are wonderfully sexist when it comes to employing backroom staff (and we don’t have one of those stupid fucking womens teams!) I can’t see LVG putting up with any whining female staff in his dugout (and Giggsy would probably try to shag her anyway!)… City like to appear all right on an make out they are a family club (not an oil sheik’s plaything or a load of cunts from Stockport who love air crashes!), so Carneiro might have a better chance with the Berties at the Etihad…

      The press (and media whores like that cunt who used to be a ‘doctor’ for Liverpool FC) should keep their noses out… It was Chelsea business and it’s up to Chelsea how they deal with it (and whinging wimmin staff who blub on Twitter)…Great post, by the way… Nice One…

      • Fergie talking more shite for his new book (another fucking one?!?)
        According to old Taggart he only had four world class players when he was at OT: Cantona, Giggs, Scholes and Ronaldo…

        No Schmichel, Paul McGrath, Van Nisterooy, Stam or Keane then? Oh, I forgot… They’ve all disagreed with Fergie at some point over the years… He really is a bitter old bastard…. And if we’re talking world class, how the fuck can Taggart leave out the great Bryan Robson?! If it wasn’t for the heroics of Robbo in his first three years as manager, Fergie would have been sacked long before Mark Robins at Forest in 1990… Fergie also says Moyes wan’t first choice (lying old cunt) and he also sucks more Glazer cock in his new book…

      • Messi and Ronaldo? Not Aguero, Neuer, Xavi, Neymar, Silva, Schweinsteiger, Pirlo etc?

        Fergie should know better… He’s fallen into the trap of that nu-footie bullshit… That only players with extravagant skills are world class… That’s like saying Best was world class, but Law and Charlton weren’t (when they were all world class)… A defender can be world class (Beckenbauer, Moore, Pasarella, Baresi) as well as a goalie (Banks, Yashin, Van der Saar, Schmichel)… Fergie is talking crap… And for him to say Keane wasn’t world class? I was there in Turin when Keano destroyed Juventus almost single handed in 1999… No Keane, no treble, Fergie, you old cunt…

  3. Romanian gypsy cunts are the worst always bothering people for free stuff, and speaking of gypsy cunts bothering people.

    Spivey has done it again with the alton towers hoax fiasco saying some of the dumbest shit imaginable. He’s taken the cake with this one saying she wanted to lose her leg, and his stupid comparison test boggles the mind. His woolwich theories at least had a few decent unanswered questions but this ones just taking the piss he thinks because the victims thanked the rescue team and got a medal that it qualifies as a hoax and this is a scam because she(Balch) got a modeling job from it.
    He’s not even trying anymore, spive is just pulling things out of his arse at this point looking like a even bigger fool then before, this one defy’s all logic you’ll have a good laugh from this one.

    • Someone needs to persuade the Alton Towers victims to make a complaint to Plod. The more complaints that roll in from innocent people Spivey harasses, the more chance of an order banning him from using the internet.

      • I agree fred, Spive should at least be thrown in a psychiatric ward for a few months to be evaluated by a few shrinks. Especially for his own safety cause he keeps on pissing people off he’s gonna get him or his family in trouble or worse. A few people has already threated his step-daughter, so why would he cause more trouble putting them in danger.

      • Spivey, much like Icke is a cunt, he will never shut his adsense generating cake-hole as long as some cunt is visiting his shit blog, It’s only a matter of time before even his most ardent followers wake-up, smell the coffee and realise it is all fucking bullshit.
        Anyone remember Myspace, Beebo, ICQ, Paltalk and even Napster/Kazaa? Nope, me either, and that will be Spivey in about 2 years time.
        Patience people, cunts like Spivey & Icke are always exposed as the fucking delusional, money loving cunts they are.
        They are not doing what they do for humanity, or to expose some conspiracy, they are doing it because it generates MONEY!

  4. Wrote to my mp two years back and asked about the governments contingency plans in the event of sharia law being imposed (wherever). Gave him thread t’needle on Magna Carta; the best he could manage was: “To be more understanding and accepting of other’s?”

    Non-thinking tory CUNT!

    It’s a Cunt when you have to add ‘Magna Carta’ to ane English (UK) dictionary, but it wants ‘sharia’ capitalised; what does that tell you? mp & tory can earn their

  5. The Nazi branch orf the family live in the region orf Austria where the Romocunts come acrorss. They have had to endure the thieving scrounging cunts for years. The locals have to put a little shooting party together every so often to run ’em orf back to Transylvania (word orf caution always wear a silver condom if you shag a Romo). Have had some very enjoyable holidays joining in with me old Purdey.
    Problem is they are currently being over run by Syrian/Afgan/ Christ knows what else cunts. As previously remarked by yours truly majority are fit young military looking young men and are scaring the shite oit orf the local populace. Once again Austria has been shafted by the krauts next door. Irony is the distinctive onion dome shape orf the church towers dates back to the last muslim invasion by the Turks (Ottoman-Habsburg Wars 16th-18th Centurys).
    Yours truly was oit there at the end orf WWII and it sends shivers down me spine to see “refugee” hordes blocking the roads once again. Difference being that then they were genuine refugees (with a goodly number orf Nazis cunts hiding oit amongst ’em).

  6. These fucking Romanians are all over the place, I saw a few (blokes) of them wandering around in the day looking around blatantly thinking what can I thieve. I had some viewings at a property I co own and all sorts of cunts turned up. This Romanian lot (3-4 people) turned up looking scruffy and one guy who spoke shit English tried to make out only him and his Wife were moving in, yeah whatever cunt, anyways his mate I think was looking around for scrap metal so I let him take the old cooker, I told one of the cunts I would let him know if they could move in. Don’t think I even bothered letting them know.

  7. One thing I have never understood is that you have nor and bred British people (admittedly on drugs a lot of them) who are homeless. Yet a Somalian cunt or Romanian cunt can turn up get the benefits and have a house and sponge off the system and breed like rabbits. Before anyone says you can’t get a home if your white or anything like that I don’t believe it. Either these homeless people are missing a trick or they are too messed up on drugs to get the system to work for themselves.

  8. Last thursday i got pissed on the reeperbahn and at about …… I decided to go home and as i walked down to the sbahn pickpockets looking for the drunk and as for the cockle eyed whore (long body,short legs)things and dressed in tight white leggings with a skid mark at the rear end and asking me “have you time” Answer quarter past four and trap on
    Cher is a cunt

  9. spivey ( collected works}

    1. Boston Bombing – bollocks
    2. woolwich- bollocks
    3 Milton Keynes car showroom roof collapse – bollocks
    4 Glasgow bin lorry – bollocks
    5. Tunisia beach shootings. bollocks
    6.Alton Towers accident- bollocks
    7.Shoreham airshow accident- bollocks

    have i missed anything? just to be clear, its his take on those incidents that is bollocks not the incidents themselves.
    to be fair some of his stuff on our thieving MPs and Royalty and celebrity paedos is half decent but recently he has seriously lost the plot. of course i am just a BGT watching sheeple no doubt.

    • As that cunt, Jimmy Cricket, would say, There’s more…

      1996 IRA bombing of Manchester – bollocks.
      Hiroshima and Nagasaki – bollocks.

      Spivey should be straightjacketed and given a massive blast of ECT… The fucking cunt…

  10. I’m surprised Spivey didnt claim that helicopter crash in Scotland was a false flag, something along the lines of a whistle-blower who was about to expose the Royals as peados was drinking in the pub so MI5 shot down a helicopter to kill him and protect the Royals.

    This post is sponsored by Google Adsense, every page-view is money, money money!

      • At 100,000 signatures for parliament..? whats the bloody difference do they wipe it with their arse . Don’t be ridiculous computers never had proper net connectivity til mid 90’s

  11. Maybe it’s just the misleading title of the cunting but I think you might be mistaking Romany Gypsies for Romanians, different thing entirely. Not all Romany Gypsies are from Romania and not all Romanians are Romany Gypsies. The are completely different ethnicities and even speak languages from different language groups.

    I’ve met plenty of very nice Romanian people who are not piss-drinking Romany Gypos cunts. I wish this erroneous meme would just die because it is fucking retarded.

    • I’ve met several nice Romanians too, but none in the UK. I think Britain is some kind of shit magnet that attracts lazy thieving cunts from around the world. The decent ones all stay at home and try to make the best of it in their own countries.

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