Train drivers


Train drivers might have called off their pay strike scheduled for this weekend – but they’re still a bunch of greedy, money grubbing cunts.

The average train driver earns £47,101 a year and can earn up to £60,000 or more – and these cunts want a pay rise. Well, I got news for them because the fuckers are already overpaid. A pay cut would be more like it.

Let’s compare that average wage : It’s more than a solicitor (£46,576), more than an accountant (£44,080), more than a barrister or judge (£43,368), more than a college teacher (£40,054), more than a vet (£37,763), more than a paramedic (£36,771), loads more than a radiographer (£31,520), more than a midwife (29,529) and lots lots more. In fact it’s the 28th best paid job in Britain. Even an MP only gets £67,060! Ok – bad example…

Point is, these bastards have the cheek to strike to get a pay rise when the the fuckers are already overpaid. The blackmailing bastard get away with holding the country to ransom just because they can. 47 grand! They’re driving a bloody train FFS!

Something is seriously wrong with our value set in this country…

Nominated by: Dioclese

11 thoughts on “Train drivers

  1. Monumentally overpaid, although not in the same league as footballers. The Railways are a monumental joke anyway, cancelled services, breakdowns, ludicrously hiked train fares and buffet cars that vie for festival “lard bars” for being a salmonella paradise.( I won’t go into the state of the toilets).
    All in all, these toerags are on a bloody good screw, considering they sit on their arses all day.

    BTW: If you could point me in the direction of a College that offers its lecturers 40k a year, I’ll bang in an application Dioclese. It’s closer to £33k (up north at least)

      • Do not envy blue-collar workers who have the intelligence to learn skills through hard graft to live an upper middle class life style.

        I say let the train drivers aim for even higher income brackets. Yes commuters get pissed off with rail strikes. Tough. Life always sucks.

      • “Intelligence”? How intelligent do you have to be to push a handle forwards for go and backwards for stop? A trained (no pun intended) monkey could do it….oh! Hang on – they do…

      • Yes driving the train is the easy part of the job. But can you name all the crossings bridges, tunnels, signal boxes and stations on their routes? Can you attach or decouple train coaches. Can you saftly navigate-shunt in a big siding terminal to put your train to bed and make it ready for the next days service?. Do you know all the vital safety procedures and what to do in the event your train breaks down and blocks the main line?

        …and there’s a whole more.

      • Hey we need to be paid for stopping to “regulate the service” when running early even though running late does not require faster speeds to “regulate the service”.

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