Gillian Duffy


Gillian Duffy, as you’ll recall, is the woman who made a perfectly reasonable comment about people being concerned about the level of immigration, only to have Brown called her a “bigoted woman”.

I’ve often said that voters who vote for a particular party not because they agree with its policies, but because their parents and grandparents voted for them, are as thick as elephant shit. Duffy is living proof of this. Because on being told what Brown had called her, she threw her voting card in the bin. A few hours later, she retrieved said voting card and, when the day came, the brainless bitch voted Labour.

She didn’t vote for them because she forgave Brown and agree with his policies. She voted Labour because her parents were lifelong arseho….err….Labour supporters, and it’s what’s her dad would have wanted. Her dad had been dead for years. He wouldn’t have given a fuck. But like all bovine fuckwits, she just couldn’t bring herself to vote for another party, even though the leader of Labour had insulted her. And she did it, because her parents would not have approved.

Thick cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

19 thoughts on “Gillian Duffy

  1. Not that hereditary Tory supporters any better, but yes, there are those who would vote a monkey into office as long as its politics were leftwing. A large number of Labour supporters still cling to the notion that Labour actually give a shit for the working classes.
    Her voting card would have served a better purpose being left in the bin

    • Every party has a hardcore of voters who put their tick next to their particular party, no matter how shite that party are/have been. Personally, I think people who do this should be classed as having a mental illness. Not that we have any, but these dicks completely fuck the concept of democracy.

  2. Chelsea FC are cunts… Has there ever been a more dull and boring title win during the Premier League era? This is like Celtic winning the SPL without any threat or competition..
    Chelsea are the most boring league champions since George Graham’s Arsenal and their offside trap (I remember that classic VHS: ‘Arsenal – 100 Great 0-0 Draws’)… I know my lot aren’t up to much at the moment, but I am glad Mourinho never came to Old Trafford.. The football would have been negative as fuck… The antthesis of Busby and The Doc…. Mourinho would just have been a more arrogant Dave Sexton….

    • Personally, I couldn’t give a flying fuck who wins the Premier League. And that Jose bloke is a right boring cunt…

  3. I’d like to nominate the two dead terrorists who tried, and failed to attack the paint mohammed competition in Texas. Shittest terrorists ever. I mean of all the states in the US they could have chosen to launch an attack, they chose Texas. A state where even dogs and cats have guns. And I know, because my dad was from San Antonio, and I have spent a large part of my life there. Texans love guns. It seems though, that nobody bothered to tell the Jihad brothers.

    One security guard was shot in the leg, but is expected to make a full recovery. Fortunately, they didn’t manage to kill anyone. The brothers dim however, weren’t so fortunate. It turns out that the competition had attracted the fury of the usual far left fuckwits, who were protesting outside. Consequently, the building in which the competition was being held was under the protection of the local constabulary. Shortly after the terrorists started shooting, the police joined in. And they didn’t miss. So now we have two dead terrorists, and possibly the shortest and least destructive terrorist attack ever. Anyone know how many virgins you get for dying in a failed attack?

    As I type this, It’s been revealed that one of the dead terrorists went by the name of Elton Simpson. Don’t know what his Islamic name was, Abu Abubu probably.

    • It’s good to see that the mere fact of being dead is no bar on someone receiving a cunting. As it should be.

      • If they’re a cunt while they’re alive, I see no reason for them to cease being so just because they die….?

      • Cuntitude is immortal. Old cunts never die – they only smell that way.

    • Cover the fuckers in pig fat and piss on them too, apparently they can’t get to ‘he oasis of afterlife’ if they are unclean.

      Bury them in an unmarked shallow pit and cover them with lime too, so there is no grave to martyrise. Thick Cunts.

  4. I think its about time we started Beatify cunts on this website. You know the type of people who just can’t help it, you only need to look at them drawing breath and think, ‘this is going to be utter shite…’ A person whom the words ‘utter’ and ‘cunt’ are conjured the instant you see their face or hear their name. A cunt of biblical proportions, so pure and devoted in cuntitude that the very fact they are a cunt is a modern dogma. A modern day apostle.

    I am clearly talking about Russell Brand. That fuck mook is now telling cunts stupid enough to follow him to vote Labour, thankfully its after voter registration has closed but still, one has to have a special loathing for turncoat, media whore nonce cunts like this. His cuntitude is practically a religious study in itself. He clearly has a severe and unusual medical problem with his anus, as so much shit just appears to pour forth from his mouth every time it opens.

    Arise, Pope Cunt the first!

  5. Delia Smith and Steve Coogan also deserve a cunting for coming out as labour cunts, not to forget Eddie Izzard too.

    • Smith’s been pretty quiet lately. She must have sobered up. Coogan and Izzard, fuck yes. They are cunts of the highest magnitude. For once I actually found myself grateful to the SNP fuckwits for sending that tranny cunt packing from Glasgow. As for Coogan. He’s a cunt simply because he’s Coogan.

      • If you think Coogan is bad, QDM, you should see his brother…
        Martin Coogan was in a dreadful band called The Mock Turtles… A scrag-end of the Madchesster era (I always hated that term!)… The Mock Turtles made Candy Flip look like The Small Faces…

      • To perfectly honest Norman, I had no idea Coogan had a brother. Doesn’t surprise me that’s he’s also a cunt. The Mock Turtles were shite.

      • Can you dig it?

        Your grave? Yes. Hop in you madchester fucking ponces before i remove both rows of teeth with my steel toecaps.

  6. Just going back to Duffy (if I start on Brand I may well have a stroke), Brown is a cunt for what he said about her. Calling her a “bigoted woman”. Is that the best he could come up with? If he’d called her something like “a stupid cunt” I would actually have voted Labour last time. But of course, lefties think “bigoted” is the worst thing one can be.

    • Or ‘Racist’. Which actually translates as ‘Realist’ when spoken outside of cultural Marxist circles.

      Nothing better than having some scrawny necked student wanker interrupt a conversation in a pub to publicly and loudly tell me that I’m a racist.

      For future reference the correct response to lefty cunts like that is equally publicly and loudly exclaim ‘No! I don’t want to go back to yours and fuck children you fucking nonce!’

      See who leaves the pub with all their teeth intact.

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