The Police [2]

Lincolnshire Police sign, badge, logo

Time for another cunting of Plod.

Nonce cunts like Savile and Cyril Smith go uninvestigated during their lifetimes, as do the vast majority of domestic burglaries, and is it any wonder since Plod is evidently too busy having a go at 4 year old girls who ride their bikes on the pavement?

Whoever this fucktard plod from Lincolnshire Police is, he or she should be named, shamed and beaten to a pulp. Fucking cunt.

Nominated by: Fred West

12 thoughts on “The Police [2]

  1. The police were far more effective in the early 80s, when they took to riding horseback through South Yorkshire, terrorising entire communities who were being forced into a life time of unemployment by Savile’s good friend-Thatcher and her cabinet of child molesters. Them were the days!

  2. Small penis?
    Beaten up regularly at school?
    Can’t get a girlfriend?
    No friends?

    Well, you’re in luck because the modern police service needs sexual and social inadequates just like you!

    No understanding of the law required.

  3. An utter decrepit cunt.
    I’d give him a do do do, a da da da with repeated blows to his skull using a shovel.
    Fucking tax avoiding prick

  4. It takes a very special type of cunt to put on a badge that lets them be a cunt to everyone else with impunity. And traffic cunts are so cuntish that even other coppers (who are themselves cunts) think they are cunts. And they are right – they ARE cunts.

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