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One bit of blatant hypocrisy in the “unbiased” western media that always gets my goat is this:

– G20 anti-capitalism protest. Some anarchist protesters turn up to a public event, kick off and destroy some shit. The media is quick to denounce them as a fringe element or not even representative of the group.

– Islam. ISIS are a bunch of dark age, murdering, raping cunts who kill pretty much indiscriminately. The media is quick to denounce them as a fringe element or not even representative of the group.

– UKIP. Some UKIP candidate says some backwards/racist/homophobic/mysogynistic dogshit on social media and gets immediately ostracised from the party. The media is quick to denounce UKIP as a whole as a backward/racist/homophobic/mysogynistic party.

The media’s uneven application of certain logical fallacies (in this case the fallacy of composition) is astonishing. For the most part, a set of unprincipled, overpaid, partisan dickrat cunts.

Nominated by: Lenny Long-Legg III

28 thoughts on “The Unbaised Media

  1. As far as I can work out only Jock Nazis (aka the SNP), Islamists and Scousers are allowed free speech in the British media. Everyone else is a “Far Right” cunt.

  2. All gone quiet on the investigation into police and senior parliamentarians allegedly abusing and killing kids…What a surprise. Presumably the powers that be still have enough clout to cover up their shameful past. The cunts.

  3. Good cunting there. It always annoys me that the media continually refuses to refer to the likes of ISIS, the Taliban and Al Qaeda by the correct term, “terrorists”. Because that’s what they are. Instead we get “militants”. Sometimes, “insurgents”. Most of the time though, it’s militants. Striking bus and train drives, teachers, nurses, paramedics, etc, are militants. Isis, the Taliban and Al Qaeda are fucking terrorists. Is it really that difficult?

    The Daily Fail excelled themselves back in January. They actually referred to an ISIS terrorist as a soldier. Being a former soldier, would anyone care to guess the ferocity of the email I sent the DM’s editor? To be put on the same level as that bunch of pig’s cock suckers is beyond insulting. I’m still waiting for an apology from those cunts.

    • Spot on, QDM. But don’t hold your breath for a reply from the Fail’s Editor Dacre – anyone who disagrees with his paper’s view on anything is automatically dismissed as a Lefty whose opinion is irrelevant. Yet more proof that Dacre is the biggest cunt on the planet and always will be.

      • I like to be an optimist, but you are right Fred, there will be apology. Dacre doesn’t give a toss about offending anyone. He’s happy to jump any passing bandwagon though.

      • That should have read “NO” apology. My shite typing skills strike again.

    • In all honesty QDM, I don’t think that pigs would lower themselves to being sucked off by a bunch of retarded, kiddy fiddling, sexual and social inadequates like ISIS.

      • i believe ISIS is a zionist conspiracy of some sort cause after israel bombed the shit outta palestine 1 week later ISIS appears out of the blue, if i’m wrong then fuck me but when the president
        the pope and every newspaper in the world says good things about them(islam) you start to fucking wonder

  4. Bingo! Spivey on the Germanwings air crash:

    “I feel that I should mention yesterdays aeroplane crash which as many of you have no doubt already sussed, is another false-flag. I mean fuck me, since when did air travel get so fucking ‘dangerous’? Some of you will also have picked up that the plane crashed on a slope and as you know, there is nearly always a slope involved in these FF’s… It has something to do with the symbolic blood flow or rivers of blood, or something like that anyway.”

    What a sad cunt.

    • That Chris Spivey is a delusional, schitzophrenic cunt, much like Icke and all the others, they bleat out any old shit that will guarantee book/dvd sales and of course website hits tied in to Google Adsense.
      He is not different to Derek Acora, and Clinton Baptiste…
      “I’m getting the word………..nonce”

    • Nearly always a slope involved? That’s a common geological feature of mountains. They have slopes. That’s why they’re fucking called mountains. There’s no false flag about this crash. The plane hit the mountain because a co pilot, apparently suffering from depression, decided to end his life, and the lives of 150 innocent people. The selfish cunt actually made himself a bigger murderer than Jack the Ripper.

      This Spivey sounds right a gormless prick. I’ve just had a quick look at his website, is he for fucking real? How could anybody believe the bullshit he comes out with? I’ve never met a conspiracy theorist, but if I ever do I’ll kick the shit out of them.

    • Un-fucking-believable – were it not true, I would not believe that anyone could be such a cunt, except this cunt! Mind you, we must be cunts for reading it…!

  5. I wonder if Jeremy Clarkson knows anything about FF air crashes involving slopes..?

    • God knows what crap Spivey will come out with about the alps crash…

      And my granddad used to tell me it was the Japanese who were the Kamikazes… Not the Germans…

      • even though spivey gets alot of hate he is more entertaining then alex jones but i agree people like him who say it was a false flag need to die , its basically saying 150 didn’t die in (german airplane) they were all actors ?, conspiracy is healthy in small doses but when you start saying everything is a false flag your a bit of a cunt

  6. I’m just waiting for the moment they offer the explanation that the crash was part of a Zionist conspiracy, not just a psychologically unbalanced lunatic deciding to take a planeload of hapless victims to Valhalla with him.

  7. Of course it was the Jews, but not religious Jews, the ultra Zionist economic money loving big nosed Jews.
    It’s always the Jews, unless you believe David Icke, then it’s Reptilian shape shifting ‘entities’ who operate outside of visible light.
    That’s conveniently much like Religion, it cannot be proved, but paradoxically it can also not be disproved. And the gullible lap it up like a cat that’s got the cream

    I had a heated discussion with a friend the other day regarding homosexuality and trans-gender people, I told him it is a life style choice based on mental illness, he was not having it saying some people are born gay or ‘in the wrong body’.
    At this point I said:
    If I now stated I was Jesus living in a human body I would be sectioned under the mental health act, but if I state I am a woman living in a mans body I can get a sex change operation on the NHS.
    He had nothing to say to that 😀

    • david icke is a rotten cunt who is in deed a shape shifter first he says hes jesus christ then he tells the world that everything is controlled by reptile shape shifters who rapes children and sacrifices them on a altar he could very well be apart of the same illumanti hes trying to supposedly fight against and
      he likes to fuck russell brand in the arse nuff said

      • I remember the great Joe Jordan knocking shit out of Icke when Man United played Coventry City…

    • If the discussion was as heated as you claim, then your “friend” was probably very easy to heat up and not too sharp seeing as how your argument is so fucking fallacious. Jesus (or Yeshua as he was actually known) was an actual, historical individual who, as far as we can ascertain using the scientific method lived once, died once and can never live again……. females and males on the other hand can live and die every day.

      More importantly, a person can be physiologically male and female simultaneously without having to die for anybody’s sins. Derp.

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