Stand up to UKIP


I nominate those childish, entitled, anti-democratic, leftwing, fascist, union-funded shitcunts who call themselves’ StandUpToUkip.

Not only do these fucks have little to no self awareness, their projection is astonishing. They call UKIP fascists and bigots whilst trying to harrass and silence UKIP for saying things within which they disagree.

Seriously though, what is up with the name? This is some unprecedented and presumptuous shit – I have never heard of StandUpToLabour or StandUpToTories. If those shit-heals want to stand up to UKIP or any other legitimate political party, do it the way everybody else does it – at the fucking ballot box!

Possessing a brain is not something most people would associate with leftwing cranks like these and their actions today will not only shine them in a bad light but also win UKIP more votes.

Nigel Farage, whilst not in an official capacity was stalked and attacked by a bunch of lefty wingnuts whilst he was dining in a gastro pub with his wife and daughters aged 10 and 15 who both ran out of fear and were missing for several hours before reappearing at home. Probably terrified due to seeing their Dad’s car surrounded by a bunch of complete animals and getting the Safari Park treatment.

If there are 2 things that you can say about the British, we like fair play and we root for the underdog and in harrassing a private citizen going about his private business and when he was with his family, they made it personal and went well beyond the pale.

After having read in the comments sections of leftwing online publications such as The Indepedent, even anti-UKIP leftwing posters were condemning the actions of these fucks as disgraceful because no matter what your beliefs, what your political persuasion, you never go for the family, that is sacrosanct and anybody with any kind of moral fortitude in their character knows this just through empathy if not through common human decency .

These cunts are of the same stripe as HopeNotHate and UniteAgainstFascism who deserve their own dedicated cuntings but that is a cunting for another day.

Nominated by: Lenny Long-Legg III

35 thoughts on “Stand up to UKIP

  1. Polotics…….what a crock of shit. There is so little between most parties that you may as well just vote by colour these days. They will all say one thing and ultimately do other things once in power as history has shown!!

    Polititians…….what a bunt of scheming cunts (then again I always thought I would have made a cracking politician. Prime Minister Mr Cunty Cunterson!!!)

    But if you take away politics, politicians and the democratic process where would we be???? We would probably be living in a Europe that resembled the 3rd world crap zone that is the majority of the middle east, every one fighting each other and being told what to do by some crazy, power hungry murderous Muslim (or other religious cult) cunt who would be trying to convince us all that a “spastic book” written thousands of years ago told us to live that way.

    Ahhhhh religion………what a crock of shit!!!

  2. Let’s just cunt everything and everyone. Everything and everyone are truly monumental cunts.

    But Paul Dacre is still the bigger cunt.

  3. According to the Guido Fawkes blog, the instigator of that attack, and it was an attack, was Chris Venables. Apparently, Venables has been on Twatter, boasting about tipping off the psycho squad as to Nigel Farage’s location. So a special cunting should be levelled at that sack of donkey shit.

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least to learn that one of the protesters was Chris Baugh, assistant general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union. This is exactly the same tactic that the unions used in Scotland not so long ago when the refinery closure was announced. Executives and their families were targeted by exactly the same kind of feral mob that Nigel Farage and his family were recently the victims of. In fact, when I first heard about what had happened, I actually told my wife that at least one union would have had a part to play in it.

    This attack is EXACTLY the reason I despise the left. If your beliefs differ from theirs in even the most minute way, then you are immediately attacked in the most obnoxious, violent manner. These scum are not anti-freedom of speech, they are anti-freedom. How can any civilised person condone such a disgraceful act? The fact that a number of those involved, and their supporters have bragged about their attack, shows that we are dealing with the lowest kind of scum.

    What really galls me about these feral buckets of shit, is that they actually have the nerve to accuse UKIP of being Nazis. That shows how thick they are, because the Nazis were a left wing party. They have more in common with the scum who terrorised Nigel Farage’s family, than they do with UKIP. It also says a lot that not one of the other party leaders has come forward to condemn the attack. To me, that is a sign that they condone it.

    • Whereas, arguably, right-wing scum make secret plots with abhorrent EDL to stage fake marches which the right-wing scum could then earn political capital out of pretending to stop. Right-wing scum are far more devious and dangerous, at least there’s an element of “what you see is what you get” about left-wing scum.

      That said, I don’t think either party has the monopoly on cuntitude. Cuntitude is cuntitude irrespective of politics.

      • Once again Fred you can’t stand to see your beloved left cunted. Deal with it FFS !

      • Not at all – I believe left and right are EQUALLY cuntworthy, but my point is that neither side’s politics per se are the most cuntworthy aspect of their cuntitude. If you look back over the history of this site and read some of the fabulously extravagant – almost baroque – cuntings, I think it’s just incredibly lazy to stoop to saying just “typical right-wing cunt” or “typical left-wing cunt” when there’s so much more meat on the bone of these targets.

        Full marks for trying, obviously – there’ll always be a job for you on the Daily Mail with that “everyone who doesn’t share my exact point of view must be a left-wing agitator” paranoia. Not my politics at all.

      • There’s nothing lazy about it, it’s a simple fact. If the far right behaved in the same manner as the far left, I’d be having a go at them. But the far right DON’T behave in the same way as the far left.

        They don’t have parties when a politician they despise dies. They don’t turn up at the homes of people they don’t like and intimidate them and their families. They don’t invade land or property and cause damage, just because they don’t agree with the plans of the property owner. The left HAVE done that. And not only have they done that, they’ve BRAGGED about their thuggish behaviour.

        It’s true that the right have used violence in the past. A lot of it though, was after provocation from left wing groups like UAF. Generally though, as I said they don’t intimidate innocent people, they don’t unlawfully occupy land or property, and they certainly don’t celebrate the death of someone they didn’t like. The left, do all that, and a whole lot more. They are the true Nazis and fascists.

      • I don’t disagree at all with your analysis ‘Cept I’m not sure who the ‘far right’ actually are. The usual suspects ie Nazis, fascists and BNP etc are all extreme left wing collectivists. Far right would be folk who don’t wish ANY government except self Government and there ain’t to many of them about.

  4. When you are as mystic as myself you can predict with a greater degree of accuracy than the BBC weather what will become of UKIP..

    UKIP will involved in a coalition with labour after the GE,
    Cameron has served his masters so will now retire to huge corporate pay days and consultancy work for selling out his country!

    An EU referendum will be forth coming (which will be rigged) like the scottish independance vote and old Blighty will be absorbed in to the EU.
    All part of the great plan, the only reason the UK is not a full EU member (adopting rthe Euro) is because they needed the pound and the city of london to continue their economic hijack of the planet, it is 95% complete bar North Korea, the middle east has been colonised with democracies since the early 1990’s

  5. I go to University and it is full of these cunts.They literally have shit for brains and are full of their selves to the point where even most left-wing people want to smack them. They are anti-free speech and try to ban UKIP from campus and try to picket them when they do.I am no supporter of UKIP but surely it is better to hear someone speak then take them on in verbal combat.They are just arseholes trying to validate themselves by being as edgy as they can without having to do any serious thinking.They should all jump off a cliff!

  6. Both the extremists of the Right and Left wing are cunts.
    That said, the Lefties if left unchecked would deliver the UK into the hands of the Euro-Mafia without a seconds hesitation and open the gates of immigration to all the gutterscum of Europe.
    Their particular brand of left wing liberalism would moreover pander to the demands of the minorities and bring the day when Sharia law is the only law in the UK one step closer.

  7. I would like to nominate in advance ( though I fear they may have already started) all those sad fucking conspiracy knobheads who will be posting about that tragic plane crash in the Alps and telling us it was a fucking false flag, staged by the Jews or that the plane was a computer simulation intended to bounce us into a war with Russia or that it was brought down because someone onboard had discovered the same paedophile ring as Jill fucking Dando . FFS !

    • I’m sure Spivey is looking for “anomalies” in the Daily Mirror’s account as we speak!

    • Oh you sheep, wake up.
      The planes flight number was 4U 9525
      The plane was an Airbus A320
      The date was 24/3/15
      Now if you add up all those numbers
      9+5+2+5+3+2+0+2+4+3+1+5 = 41
      add those 2 numbers and you get 5 (4+1)
      5 is the number of people aged exactly 33 on the flight (a masonic number) and of course 5 X 33 = 165
      Now add up the total ages of all 16 children killed = 501

      add that to the 165 and what do you get? yes, that’s right 666

      How anyone cannot see this was a false flag is an idiot, it is plain to see using simple numerology

      Now go buy my books and DVD’s you cunts, I’m running low on Foie Grais & Truffles

    • Let’s be honest – no reply to ATC, no course deviation, no distress call. Bloody obvious he flew it into the mountain. What took so fucking long to work it out, that’s my beef…

  8. “Within” which they disagree? I could have sworn I put “with”. Oh well, typos will be typos.

  9. Here’s more evidence of devious backroom duplicity by the right-wing scum:

    Tory/LibDem coalition MPs whipped to defeat an amendment to the Offical Secrets Act, specfically exonerating whistleblowers who give evidence about VIP paedophiles.

    So in public the hideous Theresa May says one thing, but behind the scenes the whips are out to ensure that the law is not amended and whistleblowers are deterred from giving evidence against paedophile MPs, Lords, policemen and other high-ranking individuals who rape and murder children for their own sexual pleasure.

    As I said earlier in this thread, left-wing scum disturbing Farage’s Sunday lunch has a more refreshing honesty about it than these evil lying cunt right-wing scum promising transparency in their Inquiry into VIP Child Abuse, “hoping that whistleblowers will come forward” (Theresa May actually said that) and then deliberately setting out to deter whistleblowers from doing exactly that. And let’s not forget this is an issue concerning the ongoing cover-up of the rape and possible murder of children.

    I maintain that no political party is exempt from the kind of rampant cuntitude we see on display in Westminster every single day.

    • Putting it bluntly Fred
      The right wingers try to cover up the acts of the rich and powerful right wing nonces, whilst the left wingers try to cover up the acts of just about any other nonce (as log as they fall into an ethnic, religious or other minority background)
      At the end of the day, irrespective of their political colour they are all tarred with the same brush of a pervert.

      • I think fred west might possibly be the most ugliest man in all of england only brain peppers could match in ugly, i feel bad for the kiddies who were raped by that fugly cunt.

  10. Talking of evil right and left wing scum, I think its high time the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership was outed for being the monolithic cunt that it is.

    I don’t like the EU, at all. I don’t like any socialist leaning, all encompassing society encroachment on my life. But the EU as a trade body does quite well at somethings, like keeping cunts like Monsanto from flogging its ‘Genetically Modified’ frankenfood in EU member states.

    And, unlike those sepo cunts across the atlantic, we in Europe like to prove things are safe before we allow them to be used in public. Not so over there, anything can be used until it causes enough cancer to instigate a class action law suit. An iterating quote from the Guardian sites that in the EU there are 1200+ substances banned from use in cosmetics, yet those tea party throwing cunts across the Atlantic have only banned 12 KNOWN CARCINOGENS!!!

    Government legislation damaging your business? Guess what, TTIP will allow you to sue the democratically elected government (if you have enough money) for loss of earnings, behind closed doors! And this is were the real cuntitude starts to creep through, these fuckers want a separate court to hear these claims, thereby subvert the last bastion of freedom which is ‘Equality before the law’. Imagine that, now multinational companies can actually run countries, innit brilliant?!?!?

    So NHS, guess what? Yep, privatised. Because if you don’t, we will sue you for potential lost profits.

    Utility Contracts? Yep, see above.

    Public services in the UK are currently run by utter cunts, but they are some order of magnitude less cunty than those in Uhr-merica. I lived there long enough and had to deal with there shit. Thats what TTIP has in store for Europe.

    Let get one thing straight, Uhrmerica is one fucking great cunt hole. It makes nothing of any notable value, it produces nothing pivotal to global survival. Its just mass market mediocrity, that is aspired to and idolised by the third world for some reason.

    The UK is shit at a lot of things, but at least we only fingerprint CRIMINALS. Decent people don’t want to stay in the US thank you very much, its a fucking leper colony.

    Time to throw them a little tea party… No, we should be more progressive, Polonium Sushi is more effective these days.

    Fuck Yeah.

    • The TTIP is indeed an invidious piece of shite designed to benefit the UK not one fucking little jot. Well cunted! I shall see to it…

  11. @ Crisis Actor – for the sake of any avoidance of doubt, I have NO WISH to see the gormless cunt Miliband in Downing St and certainly won’t be voting for it. But nor do I have any wish to see this website degenerate into the Mail Online or an EDL coffee morning where politics are ignorantly polarised as a simple stark choice between two cartoon extremes. I can still cunt Chicken Dave for failing to debate Miliband head to head – not because I’m pro-Miliband, but because I’m anti-lying, hypocritical cowards who spend 2010-2012 saying how great televised election debates are and how much he wants them to continue, then runs scared on the advice of his Aussie election guru. When I cunt Paul Dacre, I make clear that it’s about the lies, hypocrisy and sanctimonious bile, not his extreme right wing agenda. When I cunt Stephen Fry, I make it clear that it’s for all the reasons cited, not because he’s a pro-BBC Lefty, and when I cunt Max Clifford it’s because he’s a disgusting nonce and rapist, not because he’s donated truckloads of cash to the Labour Party over the years. If that’s not clear enough, I could always let you know where I have my Sunday lunch and you can come round with your mates and harass me for expressing an opinion that you don’t like.

    This site is about cunts, not politics, and my point is that cuntitude is no respecter of party political distinctions. Neither party are “better cunts” or “worse cunts” simply on account of their party politics per se. Neither the Left nor the Right can claim any moral highground because all politicians are ultimately duplicitous lying scumbag cunts who are protecting their vested interests; likewise both parties have many indefensible actions on their hands. I absolutely 100% agree with those here who blame the Left for promoting the kind of putrid and destructive immigration policies that have led to everything from unlabelled Halal meat in supermarkets to Lee Rigby and radicalised schoolgirl jihadi brides, but equally I blame the Right for covering up the VIP Paedophile scandal (which involved the abuse and possible murder of children over 40 years+) and continuing to do so even today by voting against immunity for whistleblowers. Adding “left wing scum” or “right wing scum” contributes precisely nothing to these arguments, it’s just lazy. In the same way that describing something as “iconic” has become a lazy way of not having to explain how or why it’s famous.

    That said, I would just add the caveat that Alex Salmond is still more of a cunt than the Left and the Right put together for reasons which I hope are self-evident.

    • I thought you were a cunt, but you have gone up in my estimation after that post, now I merely think you are an opinionated wanker. 😀

  12. Why do all the cunts in that photo look like child molesters and school teachers that fuck their own teenage pupils?

  13. It is part of the remit to becoming a fully paid up UKIP member,
    UKIP is an acronym for Underage Kids In Prostitution

    • Underage kids? Is that as opposed to overage kids? (also known as adults). You colossal bell end.

    • And your obviously an HIV infected mentally challenged rent boy son

  14. these are the same cunts who will protect muslim interests no matter how grusesome the attacks these fat fucking cunts will throw themselves to help islam terror groups and help destroy the uk just abunch of dumb slag shit chewing cunts

  15. Ill be voting UKIP regardless and a very big fuck off to all you niggers and pakis fuck orf, take your mosques bush meat crap rap music and kiddy fiddling taxi drivers out of my white country you rabie infected jungle banana scoffing bunnies!
    and fuck you if you dont like it.

    • Trouble is that muzzies, pakis and niggers you are referring to aren’t the total sum of the problem. You need to widen your horizons. Try xenophobia as a wider base than plain racism?

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