Nigel Clough, SUFC


Sheffield United FC is a cunt for permitting the unrepentant convicted rapist Ched Evans to train with them.

Furthermore, Sheffield United Manager Nigel Clough needs cunting for saying he “hasn’t yet decided” whether or not to re-sign Evans. What is there to decide – surely it’s a no-brainer? Although with Clough, I guess cuntitude is in his genes.

Nominated by: Fred West

10 thoughts on “Nigel Clough, SUFC

  1. Clough is a cunt but there again, judging by some of the emerging match chants, so are a number of the fans who seem to support the Welsh rapist. Maybe its the club that needs a wholescale cunting

    • Read the text of the original cunting, Captain Japseye…

      While Clough has an unfortunate genetic predisposition to cuntitude, I was very clear it was the Club itself that was due a cunting.

      • Your original post was not lost on me Fred. After reading the news reports, where the players, fans and management appear to support Evans in the way they do, I suggested that the whole lot be cunted

  2. Blades fans are a bunch of sheepshagging cunts too… It’s been a long time since my lot played Sheffield United. But I remember their aeroplane impressions and their Munich bullshit…

  3. CUNT AID:

    According to The Mirror Online:
    “The final line-up for Band Aid 30 has been confirmed, as celebrities pack into the London studio today to work on the huge Christmas collaboration. One Direction joined Sir Bob Geldof on his new venture, along with Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Sinead O’Connor and Bob’s children Pixie and Fifi. Also taking part were Rita Ora, Bono, Chris Martin, Jessie Ware, Paloma Faith, Emeli Sande, Bastille and Elbow. And closing the group are Midge Ure, Olly Murs, Roger Taylor, Seal and Clean Bandit, with Adele unfortunately not part of the 2014 supergroup”

    According to Fred West:

  4. If there was also Adele, the Gallaghers, Jessie J, The Spice Girls, and that fat fruit, Robbie Williams, it would be a galaxy of cunts.

    A pity Keith Moon isn’t around to put some TNT in the drum kit… Mind you, most of these cunts won’t even know what a drum kit looks like…

    Those piss poor paddy buffoons, The Boomtown Twats are touring again, and Geldof suddenly puts together another charidee bonanza (ensuring mucho publicity and loads of press/TV crap)… Coincidence? Nah!

  5. He is a fucking cunt, but so was his alkie cunting father, he was a real big headed fucking cunt. They all deserve to be cunted big time.

  6. Evans is a typical football knobhead cunt, which should not need saying (the arithmetic is simple, Football Player=CUNT) and although he was a rapist and prosecuted for it, he did actually serve the sentence handed down to him. If you don’t like it, then feel free to cunt the Judge who sentenced him, and the parole board who released him.

    Cunts Like Jessica Ennis should realise that. She is also a monumental cunt for wanting her name to be removed from the stand over the Evans saga. Why her name is on the stand in the first place is beyond me, anybody can be good at something for a few years, do you seriously call yourself an Olympian? Could not wait to get married and put one through the hoop, won’t be winning much now will you, unless of course the taxpayers are paying for it?
    Oh, and if you want to moan about the Sheffield Socialist Republic City Council closing Don Valley Stadium, why don’t you get your hand in your pocket and fucking well pay for it out of your £6million a year income? After all, my tax money for the last 22 years has been emptied into that mismanaged shithole and you are apparently the only whinging cunt whoever got any benefit from it!

    Double barrelled pretentious cunt of the first order.

    And on the subject of the ‘limpdicks, £180m per medal, what an uber cunt waste of money that was. It was 2 years ago and I’m still pissed off about it!

  7. I agree that Ennis is a cunt… Self promoting whining bint, who doesn’t put her money where her big mouth is…

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