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I went to see “The Pop Group” play in Islington last night. Always loved the band and forgave them their right-on 6th form politics when they were young enough not to know better. Now here they are, well into their 50s and still banging on about the arms trade and Irish political prisoners.

Therefore, it saddens me after he provided such an entertaining evening, to have to nominate Mark Stewart for a cunting.

Nominated by: Harry Axwound

10 thoughts on “Mark Stewart

  1. By ‘Irish political prisoners’ I assume he was talking about that bunch of shitbags known as the IRA? Have to admit, I’ve never heard of Mark Stewart. By the sound of it though, it’s probably a good thing. He sounds a right twat. Like a shittier version of Morrissey.

  2. I would like to cunt that Meghan Trainor for inflicting that “All about that bass” tripe upon us, it is played several times a day and is almost unavoidable, seriously I have to control my anger like never before whenever I hear that song otherwise I’m going to end up taking it out on some poor unsuspecting bystander.

    • She’s also all about a lack of lyrics. If she didn’t endlessly repeat the title the shit would only last about 3 seconds. What a vast improvement.

      • Never heard of her but looks like a typical soft core peado loving talentles yank gobshite arsehole cunt to me.

        Defo going on the hit list…

    • Trying to think of a good thing to say about her…………………………………………………………No, I got nothing.

  3. Sheffield United is a cunt for permitting the unrepentant convicted rapist Ched Evans to train with them. Furthermore, Sheffield United Manager Nigel Clough needs cunting for saying he “hasn’t yet decided” whether or not to re-sign Evans. What is there to decide – surely it’s a no-brainer? Although with Clough, I guess cuntitude is in his genes.

    • Gorgeous Jessica Ennis has torpedoed them amidships by asking to have her name removed from one of the stands. Splendid gel!

  4. What sort of cunt is called Ched, anyway?
    This despicable rapist/bog standard footballer will land on his feet whatever happens… The cunt will either put a book out, go on some shite like Jeremy Kyle, or cash in some other way… I would like to send Evans back in time: I would put him in the Leeds dressing room, let it be known what he is, and then let Bremner, Hunter, Giles etc kick seven shades of fuck out of the little cunt..

  5. The Pop Group are now a caricature. A bit like The Pistols singing Anarchy In The UK inbetween butter commercials… The Pop Group is like Rick from The Young Ones with a very shite backing band..

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