Wayne Rooney [3]


Wayne Rooney is a prize cunt.

I have been a Stretford Ender man and boy for over 35 years. But I loathe this syrup wearing, whoremongering, moneygrabbing, skiving scouse twat.

The fact that this bellend is United captain: following greats like Robson, Buchan, Bruce, Law, Cantona, Charlton etc makes we want to pukeā€¦

With our back four (three? Whatever) already fucked this scouse bastard decides to kick some Hammers player in the knackers and gets a three game ban. He is just a cunt who is there for the money and he is a fucking liability.

Nominated by: Norman

7 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney [3]

    • Overpaid pansies at that Sir Limply. A lot of them hit the ground far easily too. I actually think they should be awarded points for artistic impression when they go to ground. Seriously, some of those falls are Oscar worthy.

    • Graeme Souness is a cowardly little cunt who only put in a hard tackle when he wasnt going one to one with a fifty fifty ball. Skelly eyed sneaky cunt.

  1. What annoys me about Rooney is he knows he will get sent off if he does it. And still he goes and does it… Kick the cunt if he is near the United goal, but not when he is just outside West Ham’s penalty area…

    Agreed, Sir. Souness was a fine player (Tommy Smith with a Rolls Royce engine) but he was also a monster… Great days and a man’s game.

    Cantona couldn’t half put himself about too…

  2. I think its a fucking giscrace the way they’ve photoshopped that picture. It really puts frankenstein’s monster in a bad light !

  3. This fucking Scouse cunt is a disgrace. United get beat (just) by City and what does he do? Go singing with Ed bastard Sheeran… If the reds are beaten by the auld enemy, players aren’t supposed to twat around with other celebrity tosspots after the said defeat…

    With Rooney and that ginger cunt it must have looked like a gargoyle’s convention. Pair of ugly spunkbubbles..

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