That Banksy cunt wants to meet a proper artist. It’s all done with stencils, and all his flunkies do most of the work…

It’s a shame there’s no time travel. Caravaggio would outpaint this clown while pissed out of his skull and with his eyes shut (and without fucking stencils and spray!). Old Caravaggio would then challenge Bansky to a poker game (and take him to the cleaners!), then challenge him to a duel, and the knock seven shades of shite out of the fraudulent fucker.

Seems the cunt has been caught on CCTV: dressed as some kind of workman. He won’t get nicked though (I’d put bets on it!). Going around disguised as ordinary, honest working folk, while he and his toadies spray shit on walls in the middle of the night?! Sounds like a fucking weirdo to me…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

Why do you think the cunt styles himself “Banksy”? Touch of post-modernist irony donchaknow. Every time he gets one of his stooges to stencil a “creation” on a khazi wall vast sums of dosh appear like magic in his bank account

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

6 thoughts on “Banksy

  1. I think the cunt has been doing some ‘work’ round my way.

    A bunch of bright yellow stencils of a dog taking a dump with the words ‘clean it up’ underneath seem to have appeared overnight. Complete with a fresh hound steamer next to it courtesy of some chav’s staffy.

    Who knew that dogs could be so accurately critical of Banksy’s work.

  2. I simply don’t buy the myth that this cunt is elusive and untraceable…
    First of all we live in a world where CCTV is now the norm. Don’t tell me this Banksy twat hasn’t been caught on any camera…. The there’s the overrated bits of stenciled crap that this charlatan flogs to celebrity cunts like Brad Pitt and Shagnasty Jolie for six figure sums…. Outlaw artist and underground figure, my arse!

    Surely the law can locate where this money goes, and the bank account must have a name to go with it? Nah! I just think ‘Banksy’ is one of society’s favoured cunts, and therefore he gets an easy ride… The faceless twat…

  3. Sanitised rebellion. Banksy serves the purpose of being radically trendy and his work is seen as not challenging the system. Spray paint the legend that Cameron is a cunt on a public building and the powers that be would take a somewhat different view.
    Caravaggio would not only outpaint him, beat him at poker, but would probably roger his arse into the bargain

  4. The fuckers in power like their little jokes. The plutocrats (plutocunts) like to torment the prols in Englandistan.

    For example, stinking used jam rags in a bucket of vomit by the hideously deformed slag retards Tracy Emin, is somehow classed as art.

    And what about dogs cut in half by the cunt Damien Hirst. Shite!

    ‘Banksy’ is a big shit-bag who does ‘O’ level art projects on walls, and the sheep are conditioned to believe the prefabricated doodling is art.

    • Agreed. The shite that passes as art these days: As you say, that cunt Hirst (Pickled fucking Cows?!!) and Desperate Dan look-alike Emin and her eau de mackerel knickers on display in the fucking Tate…. It’s a total joke…

      Same goes for animation now…. All that computer done CGI shite like Shrek and Monsters Inc… What happened to genuine artists and talents like Tex Avery, Bob McKimson, Friz Freleng and the great Chuck Jones?!

      Not to mention all the celebrity cunts they get to voice these modern computer animated bits of crap. Mel Blanc had more talent as a voiceover artist than all those Hollywood cunts put together…

      Fuck Shrek and Buzz Lightyear… Give me Daffy Duck and Wile . E. Coyote any time…

  5. Fucking shit establishment cunt. Nothing subversive about having exhibitions or selling shit stencils for thousands. If the attention seeking Cunt wants to be radical, fucking draw an aborted foetus on the Vatican or a pair of tits on a Mosque. Cowardly, media luvvie middle class cunt. Fuck off.

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