6 thoughts on “Daleks

  1. At least daleks sound better than DAB radio ……….. They are, next to Dab radio, right mellifluous cunts.


    I nominate DAB radio to because it’s a fucking cunt. It was invented by cunts, pushed on the people by cunts, the radios it plays on are (battery-eating) cunts, all the DAB stations are cunts (most broadcast in mono), and you need an aerial 200 feet high to pick-up and listen to the fucking garbled 8-bit MP1 cunt shit – that sounds like a wax-roll recording of Thomas Edison singing “Mary had a little lamb” (the cunt).

    The BBC are pushing DAB because it is a nest of filthy cunts wanting even higher licence fees to pay for putting up yet more DAB masts to broadcast shite to cunts (and of course, a lot of the ‘DAB mast money’ is being spent by BBC management cunts on champagne and rent boys). The British government is pushing DAB radio because it is mother-load of cunts in the universe, with no idea what it is doing (-just changing ‘stuff’ at random to fake progress and policies).

    Dab radio fucking cunts – they are all fucking cunts.

  2. I hereby nominate Sarah Millican. If you don’t who she is, then move on people, nothing to see here! … Apart from an over weight, unfunny, Geordie bint.

  3. Dennis Rodman.
    At 6’ 8”, I nominate ex-American Netball player, Dennis Rodman, as the world’s tallest cunt.
    This waste of a penis reckons he can save the world from World War III by inserting his thick head up the arse of another cunt, the Supreme Leader of North Korea; Kim Jong [C]Un[t].
    How is Rodman going to save us? Well, on or about, January 8th, (the little fat cunt’s 31st birthday) he’s going to organise a netball match in Ping-y-Pong between some of his fellow has-beens and the Korean Netball team. Quite how this is going to save us has gone right over my head; but I have a constructive alternative.
    Two of the biggest cunts in the world will be in the same place, at the same time, watching netball in Ping-y-Pong. So, President Obama (I’m getting greedy: a third cunt), why don’t you give your drone controllers a break from killing women and children, Google where Korea is and send one over to Ping-y-Pong.
    Then, you can get rid of two turds with one drone – geddit?

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