Erick Hobsbawm


Ugly, dead, commie cunt Erick Hobsbawm – so called markist intellectual that still gives Kinnock the Pillock wet dreams.

Since he has never appeared in or on a game show, played footbalI or been sold as a cuddly toy I doubt that any of you cunts have ever heard of him.

Probably a waste of time cunting the old cunt, donchaknow? Anyway here is a photo of the old ‘never worked for a living my comrades’ cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

4 thoughts on “Erick Hobsbawm

  1. I’d like to nominate the TV programme, “Have I got news for you”.

    The last time I was blotto enough to consider turning the TV on to be a good idea, I got this lousy shit in my face. Totally staged and blatantly pre-rehearsed, but passed off as being unscripted and witty. Manned by smug cunts, with no-mark guests who, in most cases, just about manage to remember their lines. Crap BBC formula – basically the same shit as Nevermind the Bollocks and A Question of Spunk, but with a different coloured set and manned by different smug cunts from the idiot-box establishment.

  2. Seen as a rehab vehicle for cunts unmasked. Caught with your fingers up? Go on HIGNIFY, take some crap gags and get some street cred. Jonathon Aitken, Neil Hamilton, Conrad Black – all of life’s luvlies. It even gave that old cunt Bruce Forsyth a career back. Cunt show for cunts.

  3. single mothers are cunts – breeding for benefits then letting their feral fuckers run wild in the streets, as they sit in front of the telly in greasy sweat pants chain-smoking with their yellow fingers, and drinking gin made by Eastern-block peg-sellers

    the spawn of single mothers haver small heads, look like weasels, and think their job is raping old women and stabbing cats

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