Les Miserables


Based on a book by a 19th century French cunt that runs to 5 fucking volumes, it dirges on for 3 fucking hours. 3 hours FFS! 3 hours of unrelenting, boring, mind rotting squalour and misery.

The film is even worse, because Russell Crowe CANNOT FUCKING SING!!
(Note to self : must cunt Russell Crowe)

Who in their right mind would want to sit through this shit?

And…. it’s the world’s longest running musical.

Wish I’d fucking written it.

Nominated by : Andrew Lloyd Webber
(Sour grapes, eh Andrew?…)

4 thoughts on “Les Miserables

  1. Known in the trade as “The Glums”. Kept a goodly body of thesps in beer and recreationals for many a year. How’s the prostate old luvvy?

  2. les mis is indeed a pile of mindnumbingly-give-me-a-fucking-razorblade-and-a-hot-bath-load-of-shite. In fact on the weight of that i would like to cunt every single fucking actor and extra in it. you bunch of cunts, anything for a few bob. cunts.

  3. Absolutely cunting shite. One of the worst fucking movies I’ve ever cunting seen. What a pile of cunt…

  4. “Lay Miz”, as most knobheads call it, is a pile of steaming, flyblown turd… The cunts they picked for the film (which is even shitter than the theatre version!) were abysmal… Ann Hathaway can’t fucking sing, Russell Crowe sounds like a dog with flu (as well as being an arrogant Aussie cunt!) and Hugh Jackman is better off playing Marvel Comics characters…

    This load of cringeworthy bollocks is supposed to show the ‘fighting spirit’ and ‘defiance’ of the French? They should do a sequel, set in 1939: Except there would be fuck all to put in it…

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