James O’Brien


LBC (London’s Biggest Cunt) James O’Brien is an arrogant, minority loving cunt.

Nobody likes the sound of this pontificating obnoxious weed of a cunt as much as he himself. The ugly gnome faced cunt fawns at the feet of every ethnic caller regardless of how stupid they sound or how redundant their point might be, yet the pretentious fuck can’t wait to pour shit on the concerns or opinions of indigenous Brits – particularly with regard to immigration or the EU.

This know-all cunt thinks he’s an intellectual giant, but he is nothing more than a deluded libtard bully who verbals anyone not in agreement with his own world view. In fact, this cunt is so far up his own arse that his enormous plate-sized cunt of a forehead manages to completely disappear several times a day.

Ethnic caller : “it not fair, racism, racism, religion of peace, racism, it’s not fair”
O’Brien : “I know mate, it’s terrible… Please continue for another 5 mins, I’ll only interrupt to praise you and crawl at your feet”

White van man : “all I’m sayin is that we need to secure the borders and introduce a tighter immigration system like Australia” (caller abruptly cut short)
O’Brien “But why? Are you a racist? You need to take a look at yourself, mate. Immigration is great, why are you so full of hate? Answer the question…. Answer the question… (hangs up on caller) There we have it listeners another irrational UKIP voter”

* it should be noted that the cunt lives in an almost exclusively non-ethnically-enriched part of London

Nominated by : Alf Garnet

92 thoughts on “James O’Brien

  1. I don’t like to use the word c**t, I find it the lowest form of criticism to use as a descriptive adjective. There are far better words to use that convey a meaning than this one word.
    I find James O’Brien to be a fascist, totalitarian bigot who can not justify his own opinion with any argument other than his own blinkered version of reality that verges on narcisstic evangelism based on the sound of his own voice. He stands tall and on the shoulders of giants because he has made everyone esle lie down under the threat of his perceived arrogance and superior intelligence.
    In fact, he is actually shorter than his prick is long and belies his inflated ego because he is on radio and can hide behind the off switch.

    So to summarise, James O’Brien is a cunt ! a big, fatcatrich CUNT !!

  2. How i hate this vomit inducing smug bucket of cuntness, he is now unlistenable as proved by the fact he barely has any callers apart from the usual suspects, which allows him unfortunately to whine on in his mockney/brum voice unleashing a vile stream of left bollocks, he must have almost zero ratings, his partiality and vindictive malicious bias is overwhelming. I see him being sacked soon along with that other bag of sweaty cuntness; nick abbott cut from the same cunt obviously! how his mrs must hate this nasty turd he must be hell to live with. half hour in a padded cell with this cunt should finish him for good, he has a severrly punchable head which need introduction to the business end of a baseball bat!!

  3. I thought i`d give the show a five minute trial after a years absence. However within thirty seconds of tuning in i heard the word disconbobulated twice in relation to people who voted to leave the European union followed by adverts and off the gobshite went again after they finished without catching his breath. I then turned off. Still a cunt of the highest order.

  4. I just don’t listen to LBC after 10am any more, I also try to avoid Shelagh Fogarty as well, on her Catholic radio programme.
    LBC must be losing a lot of listeners. Thank goodness we have Nigel in the
    evenings, and the delightful Katie on Sunday morning. A true breath of fresh air.

  5. I see wee burny sturgeon has invited all remoaners north of the border, a chance to rid us of this feckwit cunt??

  6. This cunt is losing the plot it will be a joy to watch his final breakdown ha ha!

  7. Shelagh foghorn, Farage took her apart yesterday ha ha, list of cunts at LBC; O,brien, Foghorn fogerty, abbott, frie, most other presenters are great/good/middle of the road but those mentioned above are nasty leftist cultural Marxists who want to close down free speech but continually virtue signal how tolerant they are??? Cunts!

  8. Nick Ferrari is one of the best presenters on LBC.
    Alongside Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins

  9. Why oh why did May have to call an election ?

    It’s like throwing petrol on the fire to our friend O’Brian. I made the mistake of listening to him for a while this morning. He’s on one of his endless monologues again. 🙁

  10. This ginger weasel cunt will vote for the ginger tiny hamster cunt sanctimonious twat tiny tim farron both evil nasty anti democratic scum suckers, farron doesn’t even get any shit from the marxoid media when he won’t admit to voting against homosexualist marriage when any other politician would get bucket loads tipped over them, the leftist anti democracy turds revel in their intolerance!

  11. not only is he a cunt he is a lying cunt and should be done for slander/libel ginger fat weasel scumbag cunt that he is, come on lawyers get on the case, he lies everyday even about fellow presenters!

  12. I liked it when O’Brien did Newsnight for the first time. He got so angry and red in the face I thought his head would explode. And then I thought why not? And then I thought, why end his misery? Stay miserable, O’Brien, you c*&?t. Note I did not actually say ‘cunt’ because I know you hate swearing, Mister O’Brien. That’s how civilised Brexiteers are.

  13. James O’Brien is an egomaniacal, self-righteous, sneering, condescending bully. During his speeches at the start of each hour he’s thinking ‘Put your dukes up’ to the callers. He should play a jingle that goes ‘Ding ding! Round one!’ LBC should pay him off with a wooden box for him to stand on so he can go down to Speaker’s Corner and rant to his heart’s content. He’ll often ask questions of his callers that even political experts would struggle to answer and because the public can’t answer them that gives him an opportunity to bully and humiliate them.

  14. He is also one of the people who got LBC to get rid of the only person on LBC worth listening to (apart from Nick Ferrari), Katie Hopkins. He just couldn’t take the competition, even though she was only on for two hours a week.
    What a nasty bully that individual is.

  15. We need to campaign to sack this cunt now!! He is a nasty vindictive virtue signalling, snow flake cunt who has had Katie Hopkins sacked and is now after Nigel Farage, I suspect he was behind other sackings too!? anyone who doesn’t agree with his fuckwit views is a target possibly the most evil scumbag on the airwaves, he once said he had a taxi driver sacked for expressing his views and he thought it funny! death to all muesli munching, sandal wearing, yogurt knitting, Tibetan wearing, virtue signalling, holier than thou, sanctimonious, smug LBC CUNTS!

  16. Is this cunt still on Newsnight? he had a show on ITV a couple of years back brilliant but for all the wrong reasons for him, it only went a couple of shows, they should have kept it on as it would have been his death knell!!! I still believe his ratings at LBC are through the floor, on the way to China, he only ever gets a few callers, allowing him to rant on, and on ad infinitum, they are the usual suspects that call in. I would love the cunt to turn up at my local he would last 2 seconds and be being fed through a tube for the rest of his miserable life!

  17. Ian Collins, or Majid Nawaz to take over his slot (he must have a slot as he is no man) at least they are fair, professional and respectful to all callers even when they plainly don’t agree with them, but sheer revengeful bliss would be Katie Hopkins replacing him ha ha ha!!

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