Been screwing around on this mortal coil long enough to know that all politicians are cunts. Only difference is that once they had some experience of life so at least were self taught cunts. Now they are mostly young done politics at uni and nothing else type cunts.

Think of voting UKIP? Wait till they will turn out to be UCUNTS. Our only salvation from politicians ( and police, unions, NHS, bankers, BBC, Church, Eton boys etc etc ) is to be bigger cunts than thay are

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

One thought on “Politicians

  1. Lord Dyson, Lord Justice Richards and Lord Justice Elias; a complete and utter bunch of Appeal Court CUNTS.

    Despite agreeing that Abu Cuntada is a danger to this fine country seemingly this is not a consideration under human rights legislation. So the rest of us law abiding people have to suffer possible terrorist attacks arranged by this cunt all because of these 3 fucking Senile old Cunts. Rot and burn you bed wetting delusional fucktards

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