6 thoughts on “George Osborne [4]

  1. Was there ever a bigger cunt than Gideon, he has a cunt of a face that surely you would never tire of slapping, kicking or punching. He makes Atilla the Hun look like a fucking saint as he butt fucks the poor, and gets butt fucked for please from his cunting rich pals. I would love to see this greasy fucking cunt toad drown in the pool of pish he is creating, the bastard cunt that he is.

  2. This cunt actually wants you to believe that he feels your pain… Him and Cameron want you to believe ‘we are all in this together’ as they punish the poor in the name of austerity. Here are some ideas you cunts:
    1 take a fucking pay cut
    2 end all foreign aid and reasses the situation when we are sorted
    3 tell the EU to go fuck em selves and cut the £35 million + we give daily
    4 pull out of the middle east and let em sort their own shit out

    Invest a proportion of the money saved into nation works projects that will create genuine jobs and genuine infrastructure like upgrades on roads, rail, hospitals, r&d and so forth…. But alas I don’t think these cunts give a toss… Might as well give UKIP the vote, couldn’t be worse Han cunts like Osbourne an co.

    • Personally, I think your 4 point plan is spot on! So much so that I’ve blogged it myself over at Dioclese. Will be posted later this week. Sheers!

  3. Osborne is an odious little snot bag. Yes he stole the number 1 cunt in the world IDS’s thunder at the cunt parties conference by announcing the unemployed have to spend 35 hours a day at the knobcentre in a climate with 2.49 M out of work not counting part-time workers or those not claiming but unemployed or those on slave labour workfare, 6 million odd would more accurate the cunt. Pissing off the disgusting wankstain, out Nazing a Nazi is still cunt behaviour. This piece of shit that hasn’t done a days work in his pox ridden life and should be strung up from the nearest lamppost, hanging upside down by his tiny balls while the unemployed are paid dole money to kick his smug fucking smarmy ugly boat into next fucking week. Evil, pampered, disgusting, snivelling little wanker. A right cunt who needs putting down like a rabid dog. Cunt cunt cunt!

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