Ed Miliband (5)


The Mr. Bean of politics wants to turn us into one nation. Unfortunately he and the aptly named Balls don’t have a clue how to do it. Let him loose and our nation – his “one nation” – and pretty soon that nation will be Greece.

His “One nation for all people” sounds too much like “one empire – one people – one leader”. Of course in those days it was better known as ‘Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer’.

What a massively useless cunt.

Nominated by : Patty O’Heater

6 thoughts on “Ed Miliband (5)

  1. The beaner is a cunt, and the Balls up man as well. But much better than Cameron and Gideon the hatchet cunts and the other pack of cunts that sit with them, now they are just a bunch of dirty thieving cunts, fucking the poor and giving heaps of cash to the dirty rich fucking cunt pals.

  2. Wiesel faced cunt from Cunterland where Labour dominate cause the thick cunts can’t forget and move on from what that cold Tory cunt Thatcher did to the northeast. Left or right they are all prize cunts, might as well vote UKIP, at least those cunts make a stand against the cunts in the EU.

  3. Labour really are useless cunts, if this cunt is the best they can come up with. Does anyone seriously expect this fucking cunt to lead the UK out of the shit to pastures greener? I don’t reckon this fucking arse clown of a cunt could boil a fucking egg without error.

  4. It’s a pretty terrible situation. I am an educated middle-class Left-wing Jew. Apparently, so is this useless nasal twat known to us as Ed Miliband. Unfortunately, that is where I and the Right Honourable Nasal Twat Ed Miliband part company. As a Left-Wing Jew I would honestly sooner trust Adolf Hitler than this talentless unconvincing slippery shyster. The late lamented Tony Benn must be spinning in his esteemed grave at sufficient R.P.M. to illuminate a Provincial city. A cat turd on your back doorstep has weightier gravitas & more moral worth than Ed Miliband, & a turd sure has tons more credibility. If we’ve somehow entered a Nightmare Universe where this copper-bottomed whining arsehole can purport to be the Leader of the Party, then in every conceivable sense the party is over. I’d sooner be anally raped by Norman Tebbit (but to be honest, I’d put up the fiercest fight I could, like I’m not a complete masochist). If I were to hear that an escaped mental patient had assassinated The Right Hon. Nasal Twat Miliband, then I would regard this as a great leap forward for Socialism, & I would lie myself blue in the face to furnish him/her with an alibi (go on, honey, do it, do it, I’ll be cheering you all the way). Ed Miliband is an unutterable disgrace to the male gender, to intelligent thought, to any conceivable notion of dress sense or presentation, & above all to the Labour Party. If you are not embarrassed to the point of suicidal depression by Ed Miliband as your leader, then you are not a Socialist. And if you’re not a Socialist then do me a favour: go home and EVOLVE…

    • I regret, in retrospect, my negative comments regarding the Honourable Wanker Ed “What a Wanker” Miliband. What I regret is, my comments were not negative enough. This hypocritical nasal adenoidal anal wanker cosmically redefines the whole concept of the term “wanker”. In fact he/she/it (it’s hard to be sure) is a gut-wrenching disgrace to the good name of Wankers. All we can know is, he/she/it is an embarrassment in front of any camera or microphone. I am viscerally embarrassed to be Jewish. I am mortally embarrassed to be middle-class. I am suicidally dejected when it comes to the future of Socialism. Because this cunt Miliband is a complete disgrace to Judaism, to the honourable Middle Classes, & to Socialism. Hey-ho, perhaps he’ll be run down by a bus (preferably driven by a REAL Socialist) or succumb to some obscure cancer. Oh dear, Ed Miliband suffering acute pain & premature death? Jesus, the tickets for that show would command high prices on eBay. There has never been a worse disgrace to humanity than Ed Miliband. He cannot die soon enough for me.

      • “Evolve”… said the voice of the nineteenth fucking century. You arrogant cunt, fuck off!

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