Sue Barker

Sue Barker. Gushing, stretched leather faced, finding stuff absolutely hilarious when it isnt (especially when its a quip on QoS from that cunt Tufnell or the stupid little fuckwit who played rugby and looks like Paul Daniels).

God she makes me fucking heave.

The worst female cunt on TV since Selena Scott or Anneka Rice.

Bet Cliff never went near her cunt…not because he’s a gayer, but because it stunk of tennis racket handle

Nominated by dan

3 thoughts on “Sue Barker

  1. Cliffo deserves his own cunting for being a botoxed faux christian rear ender in denial. Howsoever I have heard he likes to play in the rough so Suebee may get a tumble if she wears a pair of lederhosen with the flap at the back. On the topic of twat extension I met the Princess Anne at a hunt ball once. Distinct whiff of well oiled riding crop every time the sad old mare sat down.

  2. A non Wimbledon winning, Cliff cunt loving, question of smug presenting cunt.

  3. Caught that fucking champagne socialist, speach impeded cunt John Prescot on the tele last night…Thought it was Sue Barker. Strikingly similar. Both crocodile skin faced old cunts.

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