Sean Penn

I would like to publicly cunt the actor (meh) formerly known as Madonna’s leech, Sean Penn. It’s seems that Penn has declared himself a staunch ally of El Chupacabra, and is demanding that Britain negotiate the return of the Falklands and South Georgia to Argentina. That will be difficult, since the Args never owned the Falklands in the fucking first place. Though I can’t really see what it has to do with this cunt anyway.

The silly cunt couldn’t even pronounce the name of the islands correctly, he used ‘Malvinas’. He also called Britain ‘Colonialist, ludricrous, and archaic’. I assume then that after this outburst, Penn will be calling on Obama to grant Puerto Rico its indepence from American colonialist rule. And Hawaii for that matter. I’d call him a dumb yank, but I happen to be half American, so that’s not gonna happen.

Now, Penn’s outburst just happens to fall into a category I like to call, ‘none of your fucking business’. I very much doubt that this numbnuts will be volunteering to enlist in the Argentinian army (hah) anytime soon, and he certainly won’t profit from the FALKLANDS. So my only conclusion is that Penn’s outburst is the result of him being a racist cunt. It seems Penn misses having to live inside his former spouses vagina, and has now taken up residence somewhere between El Chupacabra’s uterus and cervix. A bit that like that South American fish in the Amazon. And just as much of a parasite.

I’ve been looking at dipshit’s filmography. Apart from Taps and Dead Man Walking, his acting career has been almost universally shite. He even did an episode of Little House on the Prairie for fucks sake! I’d be most grateful therefore, if you could cunt this cunt as soon as possible. Both for being a racist cunt who can’t keep his nose out of other people’s business, and for having the acting ability of a spoon. Sean Penn, what a cunt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Will Sean Penn also be calling for the citizens of The United States Of America to return their cou try to the Native American tribes ? No will he fuck because he’s a stupd cunt.

Nominated by Sean Penis more like, the cunt !

I must also second or third or fourth that total cunt Sean Penn.
1. Hes a fucking leech of a cunt
2. Hes a fucking ugly cunt
3. He is clueless about the Falklands cunt
4. Its none of his business so keep your god shut cunt
5. He is American so if 1 country has no room to talk about taking land that is not theirs and enslaving people, invading other contries, impossing its will on others its his ………… the hypocrital cunt

The cunt needs and under cunting

Nominated by The Last Of The Few

Sean Penn is a gormless, ideas well above his station, millionaire communist, thinks people actually care about the constant stream of shit that comes out of his gob cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous

15 thoughts on “Sean Penn

  1. OH GOD YES!!! He’s such a cunt! I love the argument that Britain’s attitude to the Falklands is ‘colonialist’. How the fuck does he figure that, the no-nothing prick! Colonialism is defined as one population seeking to exert it’s control over another lesser or weaker population against their will. So, like what the argies want to do? I would ask Sean Fucking Penn to think about what he is saying before he says it, but that would make him not a cunt and he is obviously, in fact, a fucking bell end as well as a complete twat. Team America was right about him.
    Also, who the fuck is he to tell people who’ve lived in a place for generations that they should leave? His grandparents were immigrants to the States (so not that long ago), whereas lot of Falklanders trace their ancestors back to 1840. He should fuck off back to where he came from. Cunt.
    Dunno why he annoys me so much, he only does it to get attention. Friends with Chavez? Fucking C-U-N-T.

    • To: Last of the Few and Twathater.

      Quality cunting for a quality cunt. Well done.

      To: Sean Penn and everyone else who call the Falklands “Malvinas”.

      You’re all cunts.

      So Fuck off.

  2. I nominate Alan Davies. First, his an Arsenal fan, so automatically a complete cunt. Secondly, I worked with him once and he acted like a total fucking tit! The curly haired tosser.

  3. Johnathan Cainer is a lying, deceiving, spurious, balding, soothsayer arsehole with an ego the size of Jupiter and a job that should qualify him for execution by medical experimentation. He uses made up words that only an astrological cunt would use.

  4. Sean Penn, The Falklands are ours, the malvinas are ours call them what you want, you slave brained cunt, I’d like to pump some fucking sense into you, but I don’t want maggots on the end of my nudger.

  5. Oh my god, what a cunt!

    he has got some cheek saying anything about out great isle!

    we went half way round the world to protect our fucking people on our soil in the doorstep of those argy cunts, and gave them a good spanking to boot! whats more we done the right thing blowing the cunting belgrano out the cunting water, however I digress.

    Penn, you useless cunt, why dont you shut that cunt shaped hole in the front of your head up and sit in a corner (of your choosing) and say nothing, you will seem a hell of a lot more intelligent doing this as opening that puss filled cunt you call a mouth and uttering any drivell you let forth makes you look like a super cunt.

    Madonna is a fucking cunt and she gave you the elbow so what sort of cunt does that make you, cuntface!

    Lots of cunt

  6. Sean Penn, you retarded CUNT. Perhaps we should help the indigenous Indians kick the colonialist Spanish bastards back to Spain?

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