Rowan Williams [3]

Rowan Williams is the Archcunt of Canterbury. He is legitimising that murderous cunt Mugabe because he is concerned that one of his bishop cunts has reverted to type and joined the rest of the corrupt murderous bastards in that god forsaken cuntdom.
The pathetic, Sharia endorsing, bearded trendy loon of a pointless cunt.
Nominated by cuntstable cuntbubble

7 thoughts on “Rowan Williams [3]

  1. You wankers are only jealous ‘cos you want a fucking hippy beard like his.

    Although he is a massive labia.

  2. Rowan Williams has that same look as Ronald Runcie did as Archbishop of Canterbury – PEDO!

  3. Just fuck off you left wing fat useless beardy wierdo CUNT. Who would employ this wankstain in the real world. If there was a school for cunts you would come last because you are such a cunt you cunt.

  4. Not NEARLY as funny as Rowan Atkinson… and why is he dressed up like the infamous shrivelled brown nun??! Oh what a silly old Cuntuar!!

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