John Torode and Greg Wallace

Those two TV cooking cunts John ‘g’day mate’ Torode and his trusty bald speccy cunt of a sidekick Greg ‘cooking doesn’t get much tougher than this’ Wallace.

It doesn’t get much tougher than having to look at your fucking ugly bald pate you former greengrocer midget little leathery cunt. As for Torode, he is just a universal Aussie cunt paste who should have fucked off back over there years ago.

What a fine pair of useless talentless cooking cunts!

Nominated by HurlingDervish

2 thoughts on “John Torode and Greg Wallace

  1. Complains about Asian food, and then goes on to makes a show all about Asian food and how it his fav food. Why do the British allow such a person in, yet when the NHS is in crisis, will not allow a Asian doctor or nurse in who can relieve the stress on the NHS and for our well trained well educated health professionals, who once they’re trained go to Oz and Nz? If there was ever an argument for contraception Torode is it! Funny people call him a cunt. Same with Dick Stein, aka Rick Stein, another person who came to these shores from Australia, and now own so much of Padstow it’s know as Padstien. What with Dick Stein, and John cunt Torode, I suppose you get the BBC, and Gregg Wallace!

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