5 thoughts on “Gordon Brown [10]

  1. I met Gordon Brown when he was pm he came down RETC Weymouth when i was Comandant.This half blind usless Scottish cunt was not on the same planet when you tried to hold a conversation.I looked at him and thought how did you and Bair ever lead this country useless new labour cunts. maj.baz Ironton RE

  2. Brown and Balls used to fuck the arse off each other,, Balls complained that Brown could only squirt potato juice, now you know why the bigoted scotch cunt used to cry when Ed told him that he wanted full cream up his arse.

  3. Ah where to start…..a joinT of beef would take 20 mins per pound.So here is the plan .buy a 20 pounder,tie this cunt to a chair and fucking hit him over the head with a tyre lever.the beef should now be ready….CUNT

  4. How are you going to work 20 pounds of beef up that cunts arse, its already full of worms and clinker, what prize cunt.

  5. years ago they built a big fucking wall to keep scottish cunts like brown out! Stupid Cunt!

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