5 thoughts on “Jacqui Smith [4]

  1. Great Googly moogly! Does this cunt still walk among us? I thought the electorate had driven a stake through her cunt and buried her at a cuntroads so she would never trouble us again.
    What the fuck do you have to do to get rid of these people?
    How many times do people have to be cunted here before they catch our drift?
    Read our lips! Fuck off! You cunt!

  2. I was just off to bed when I noticed this Righteous cunting of that old slag “Oor Jadcqui”!

    Can’t give the cunt justice right now but will do so tomorrow, in the public interest, of course.

  3. So many cunts..so little time. I should like to put forward a “Cunt over the Water”.
    Exposed today in the fierce glare of blinding cuntlight is that once proud and cutting edge but now multi billion dollar Yankee boondoggle that is their National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA for short.
    Once they put the first men on the moon in a feat of engineering excellence and a display of guts and determination (think the Apollo 13 mission) widely admired all over the planet.
    Now they are just an hideously over-funded bloated arrogant branch of the “Global Warming” and “spy-in-the-sky” industry, lying about Earth temperatures and unable even to make a rocket that works to put their latest “earth observation (think “climate change”) satellite” , felicitously named “Glory” into orbit. Rocket failures in three of the last four launches have cost them, sorry, the US taxpayers, upward of $700 million, not including the cost of the rockets themselves…..
    What a bunch of “Giving a new meaning to covering oneself in Glory” cunts.


  4. Jacqueline Smith was well fit in Charlie’s Angels… That Cheryl Ladd was tasty too…

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