Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright of ‘The Wright Stuff’ is a smug, biased cunt. 

How the cunts at Channel Five present such a shallow, Lefty- biased, uninformed show full of cunts aimed at cunts as a news and current affairs discussion I don’t cunting know.

Nominated by Dan, Oxford 

8 thoughts on “Matthew Wright

  1. he is always talking over his guests, hates children but he should know he was one once, and he destroyed a lego campervan a guy made once and destroyed a plate of the royal family, cunt face i have to say

  2. Matthew Wright hates Christians and the white working class.He lambasts Christianty fine.How about lambasting Islam, Koran load of fairy tale crap. Allah and his crew a load of utter bollocks.Go on Matthew you cowardly cunt say that you cowardly cunt. jock

  3. Matthew Wright is WRONG in so many ways, the girly-smiling faced CUNT. A self opinionated twat who pushes his views on his guests and viewers alike.

    He needs a god twatting

  4. He tries so hard to be funny and he sorely fails every time. Only his sycophants and audience “plants” laugh at him. He’s got a cheek slagging off Jeremy Kyle. At least Jeremy Kyle doesn’t try to pass himself off as a nice guy.

    • I cant tell the difference between him and Jeremy Kyle, he also pretends to be an educated journalist. He is an embarrassment to journalism.

  5. A right-on, creepy arse licking cunt. This cunt would be on the verge of qualification to the cunts Champion league if more people knew of this wankers existence. Unfortunately for him no cunt watches his shit show so it’s the Europa league of cunts for the pug faced sanctimonious knobhead.

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