Bad Drivers [2]

Motorists in East Anglia are couldn’t-drive-a-nail-into-wood, 
infuriating, no-fucking-idea-where-they-are-going, deaf, 
blind, stupid, incapable-of-parking, and s-o s-l-o-w 
they-would-be-late-for-their-own-fucking-funeral cunts.

Nominated by Dioclese

3 thoughts on “Bad Drivers [2]

  1. Oi, cunt driver, YELLOW BOX JUNCTIONS “you shall proceed into a yellow box junction when turning right if the only thing preventing you from leaving the box is on-coming traffic
    Failure to do so is a fail on your test and 3 points on your license in real life.

    Got that CUNT!

  2. I would like to cunt the steroid abusing wanker that I had to blast on the way into work this morning,this cunt was trying to drive around a roundabout in Cardiff one hand on the wheel and the other holding his phone,needless to say he got in my way and if I had a shot gun his head would have been all over ocean way,but it was only the horn so he had the full horn,the fucktard then decided to follow so had to have a verbal cunting as well….so this is to the lycra clad roidhead driving a gay car in Cardiff… are a treble cunt

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