7 thoughts on “Lembit Opik

  1. “…is a cunt” is a cunt for not adding my name to their blog list – bet you won’t publish that one!

    (Only kidding – I read you all the time)
    Oooh – er – does that make Dioclese a grovelling cunt?

    “I blog, therefore I am..”
    (Shit – that makes me sound like a pretentious cunt…)

  2. dialling 999 to ..IAC!
    Jack Dromey needs an emergency cunting.
    Seen him on TV a couple of times in past few days, and out of all the multitude of cunts on display, he sticks in my mind as an uttermost cunt.
    Weasel-mouthed, nevergiveastraightanswetoasimplequestion, cunt of the supremest order.
    What fucking reality-distorting drugs is he on to believe that anyone believes his dissembling shite?

  3. I so wish this weird faced cunt wash still shafting that Transylvanian twat. I’d love to nickname him ‘Vlad the Impaler’ for it. He’s a cunt for not allowing me that simple pleasure. He’s also a cunt for apparently being the worlds most unlikely fanny magnet. How the fuck does somebody who looks like an extra from the muppet show pull good looking women? And yes, I am jealous of the cunt for that. He’s also a cunt for denying me the satisfaction of giving him another nickname. ‘Limpdick Oshit’.

    He’s also a cunt because he’s allegedly thinking of standing in the London Mayoral elections. What makes this cunt think the good people of London, the ones who speak English as a first language anyway, would want a weird faced, ridiculously named, unlikely fanny magnet as their Mayor? Fuck off Lemsip, you cunt.

  4. Lembit Opik orginated in the 15th century when a topic, lemsip, fibre optic cables and hot water converged to form the adriatic plate East of Italy and West of Croatia. The triasic and jurasic rock formations during this time was unique in its elements enough to create the creature we have today.

    Over the centuries his mouth has been edging further left reminiscent of how the Leaning Tower of Pisa tilts each passing day. It is believed one could determine the age of this creature by simply measuring the angle of the mouth against its nose.

    Previous alias’ used to bed relatively hot models are: Linford Biscuit, Fibre Optic, Fuckwit Dimwit.

    The whole of Wales have been waiting for him to spontaneously combust ever since.

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