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  1. Howard will soon be past his sell by date and may find refuge and a pension in a cookery programme or some such. His anodyne appeal is to a micro generation that has not lived long enough to have experienced better comedians. He is a transient cunt.

  2. Nice to see Russell Howard and his cronies busily posting to protect his license-fee funded career. Still makes him a talentless unfunny cunt in my eyes and many more by the look of it.

  3. I cunt begin to describe what a cunt Russell Howard is. I’ve watched a lot of cunts in my time, and this one takes the cunting biscuit. I cunt cunt the number of times I’ve seen this cunt trying to make people laugh with his pathetically small cuntery of jokes. He’s a one track cunt with a limited cunt-life and I wish he’d cunt off to whatever sheltered accommodation the BBC offers to washed up cunts like him.

  4. Beta boss eyed unfunny Marxist weasel that’s about as funny as rock Hudson in a blood donor clinic! Look straight you cock eyed unfunny bastard!!!!

  5. I know russell well, I should do he is my son afterall. So let me tell all you haters out there that my russell howard is a silly little fuck wit cunt!!

  6. Russel Howard is a talentless skinny runt of a cunt. Totally unfunny. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are hilarious next to this little cross eyed prick.

  7. I don’t know this cunt and I don’t know his work, so I can’t make a balanced judgement. But just to be safe, let’s burn him.

    • Think yourself lucky. You don’t want to see anything of his so called ‘comedy’. he is simply a colossally unfunny CUNT.

  8. I think that Russell is a absaloutly funny guy . Nobody is perfect he has done soo well for him self got his own show and he is touring in the USA and . Just cos he’s got a bad eye doesn’t mean that he’s a bad guy , he can admit that he’s got a bad eye , so if u are gonna be a sad loanly worthless person go on and do it because I bet u a million pounds Russell does not give 2 shits . Sad worthless cunts the lot of you> 🙁

  9. He is a cunt, pure and simple. I now refuse to pay my TV licence because the BBC wastes its money on this talentless cunt, if I get caught I will defend my case in court and should have a 90 to 95% chance of getting off because the judge is sure to think Howard is a cunt as well.

  10. God, you people are so pathetic it’s unreal. You waste your time moaning like little bitches about a man on television, but the thing that you childish morons aren’t getting is, he doesn’t really care what you lot think. he is making money from what he does while you very sad and angry degenerates whine over it. Why don’t you quit the sillyness, turn off the television and go outside to do something useful for society rather than just moaning and being bitter.

  11. Ha-ha, you can not be serious, cant you think of something more original to say to add to the discussion, oh no, sorry, your one of the pea-brained sub human CUNTS that think this wanker cunt is funny, anyway, I am sure your mother thinks your special, and you are.

      • I am sure there is a very high correlation between intelligence and good comedic skills, the Oxbridge domination of comedy over the last 40 years would appear to indicate this,
        Outstanding comedians show very high levels of intelligence and are able to write original comedic material as well as adlib, shows such as “Have I got news for you” and the radio show “I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue” are examples of this.
        Excellent comedians such as Spike Milligan, Paul Merton, and Eddie Izzard are not of the Oxbridge mould but their superior intelligence is obvious from the quality of their material.
        Russell Howard is a regular member of the “Mock the week” team and is clearly out of his depth in this show, vastly overshadowed by the other participants.
        He is a very poor comedian and therefore must, unfortunately, be classified as a cunt

  12. so sad, people feeling the need to swear to put their point across. Obviously low life chav’s. The working class make me laugh so much, how silly they are. The sooner they and their children die off the better. Hopefully starvation will get them.

  13. The bottom line of all this, is that Russell Howard is not funny and therefore he is a cunt – it is not that he looks funny or that he has a bad eye that makes him funny – it is that he is simply not funny at all – nothing about him is funny and as a comedian this is not funny or indeed a good trait to have.

    Imagine being a doctor who is not very good at biology; he would be a really shit doctor and probably kill people – Howard does this to humor and for that reason being unfunny makes for a lousy comedian and that makes him a cunt but he does not know he is a cunt and neither do his retarded fans – as someone said ” simpletons”

    Now – what makes him a cunt is the fact, that he and his army of loyal fans fail to see this and if we promoted doctors, policemen and many other professionals with this view then as humans we would never have left caves. Which leads nicely to the fact that he only appeals to stone-age intelligence. Ug Ug …. so if you think he is funny, great that is nice for you but please accept you have a lower IQ than a monkey, which is about average for the population, you are not alone so take comfort in that- I know this is hard to accept – a little like when you are dead you don’t know you are dead – it is the same for when you are a cunt, stupid or not funny.

    • comparing a comedian to a doctor is not a very intelligent comparison at all. One saves lives, where the other should have no real effect on anyone. The fact that you feel the need to put a man down, just because you don’t think he is funny, is a very childish thing to do.

      On top of this, you feel the need to try and degrade the people who do enjoy his material. You can comment on my intellect all you want, however, I know that I am a very intelligent person, which happens to be a fact, where as you just have an opinion.

      On the subject of intelligence, please give me your idea of funny, intelligent comedian’s, it would be very interesting to know who, in your opinion, are the top comedian’s.
      (don’t worry, I won’t criticize you for your choices, as I am actually a decent person)

      • He is fucking annoying. He is taking the place of someone who is actually funny that the bbc have ignored. I find it very cathartic to read and share my frustrations on this site. I laugh my head off at every single post that calls him exactly the names that apply to him. I have given the cunt more than one chance to make me laugh yet every time I watch the cunt he just leaves me with a pained expression. CUNT!

  14. Just because you morans don’t like his jokes does not at all mean he is a cunt. My brother is a terrible singer and I don’t think he is a cunt. Russell Howard is one of the best comedians ever and if he was bad he would not be so dammn famous for being so funny. Leave Russell Howard alone

  15. This is hilarious. You go on and on about how unfunny Russell Howard and stupid. However you seem to all have the vocabulary of 8 year olds as you don’t seem to know any nouns with more than four letters. I’m sure Russell Howard is reading your opinions in the hope that he will get some insight about what standard of comedian he is. Oh no …… Wait a minute……. Oh yeah that’s right he will be too busy doing something useful, interesting and successful with his life. Nice work Neanderthals no one else could show how truly sad your lives are. Love Ninette Howard (Russell’s Mum)

  16. No posts for a long time about Howard being a cunt, does this mean he is no longer a cunt?
    By the way, I still think he is a massive fucking cunt, just for the record.

  17. I think Howard is a massive ledge with great bants. It’s not just me – all my city working rugby chums that live in Clapham agree.

    I was saying to my girlfriend Flick the other day, what a massive ledge he is and she also agreed, then she tripped over because she was wearing my massive rugby shirt to the pub. Massive banter – great girl.

    Ahhhh life’s great

  18. most these comments are due to jealousy. at least he has made something of himself. there is a reason he is on TV, some people do like him….. and these bunch of twats are sat in their underpants behind computers with nothing better to do than slag people off. i would love to see these people on TV to see how they do. if you dont like him, get off your fucking fat ass and turn the channel over, simple! what a bunch of dicks!!

    • I’m sure you hate a lot of things too. Does that make you jealous also? I hate Russell not out out of jealousy, but because he’s smeared all over our tv screens and yet has no skill in the comedic realm whatsoever and can only be classified as a cunt of the highest order. Fuck you, you have no taste.

  19. I used to work with this guy on Mock the Week. Me and Dara had a few chats about him and every time we came to the same conclusion. Russell may seem like a nice guy on the tele but in real life he’s a Cunt. I used to have to work overtime on that show as it was supposed to be funny, so me and the rest of the guys had to pick up the slack and cover his terrible jokes with something that was actually funny. And he was a Cunt. I think I already mentioned that. He’s a Cunt.

  20. I have just seen that there is a new series of that cunts crappy show, Howard is a cunt but the BBC are bigger cunts for commissioning more of this puerile shite.

  21. Should have let his mother dribble down me leg, to prevent unleashing this cunt into the world.

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