9 thoughts on “Marcus Brigstocke [2]

  1. He must be good at giving blowjobs or something. How the fuck else does he get given work for the BBC? He’s the unfunniest “comedian” I’ve ever seen or heard. Hopefully whoever he’s blowing off will lose their job and then the public will be spared Brigstocke’s pathetic ramblings.

    Smarmy cocksucking cunt.

  2. And if we’re talking about unfunny cunts put forward as comedians by the BBC then step up Armando Iannucci. Funniest thing about him is his fucking Wop name. He’s another irritating Scots cunt who has somehow wormed his way into the pants of the BBC hierarchy. Deport the boring fuckwad back to Italy, let them put up with him.

  3. He’s about as funny as being stabbed in the eye.
    As others have said, he’s wangled his way in to the BBC and tried to move up the greasy pole and tries to be seen as intellectual. Just like Billy Bragg nearly did a couple of years ago.
    Actually, come to think of it, I nominate Billy Bragg for his politics and inflicting some really shit music on the world as well as being involved with Red Wedge.

  4. I couldn’t even remember who he was till I saw the mugshot. He’s a bit wonky eyed, that’s the funniest thing about the one arm bandit eyed cunt.

  5. Brigstocke is an unfunny, privately educated green supporting Lefty dhimmi cunt who, disappointed at not being Ben Elton when Thatcher was in power, uses every fucking opportunity to hijack BBC comedy programs to demonstrate his sheltered ignorance of why groups exist to preserve the British culture and identity.


  6. The BBC persevere relentlessly with Brigstocke, forcing him into every talking head window of opportunity. He’s at that stage in his career now where he has to do weird creative comb-over work on his hair, and STILL he’s not a star. Aspiring show-biz kids could do a lot worse than having a look at Brigstocke’s agent.

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