10 thoughts on “Baroness Ashton

  1. Leatherfaced lizard lady from la la land is not only deeply ugly on a personal level; the EUs new High & Most Mighty Representative is also the ugly face of Nu-Labour EUria since ‘every office held during her political career has been an unelected appointment; she has never stood for election to any public office’ ( wiki). She’s a fucking trainee Social Worker for fucks sake.

    Welcome to the Post-Democratic Age. Nation Of Cunts.

  2. I nominate Harriet Harman. The breathtaking arrogance of this smug cunt beggars belief. In the wake of the expenses scandal when she should be keeping a low profile, she drives around chatting on her mobile phone and crashes into some unfortunate pleb. She then leaves the scene and now wonders why she is being prosecuted. Do none of these cunts have any sense of shame?

  3. Where are my manners? In my rush to nominate the cunt Harman, I neglected to praise the wise words of Banned. I am in total agreement. Why didn’t Ashton’s parents smother her at birth? She’s obviously got fuckall going for her.

  4. This “thing” is not only ugly .. but insignificant .. until today, I’d never heard of her ..

    I contend that the Midwife responsible for delivering “it” should be prosecuted for throwing the best bit away ..

  5. I norminate that stuck-up-own-fucking-lardy-arse ‘diva’,Maria Carey,for her cuntish demands when switching on the London Christmas lights. eg 100 white doves,20 white kittens,butterfly confetti..the list was endless.

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