6 thoughts on “Jacqui Smith [3]

  1. This cunt is a prime target for the Daily Mails legal action moneypile. Even she must know she’s a cunt who should be thrown to the chavs.

    Voters of Redditch, you know what to do.

  2. From HurlingDervish.
    ..and now this cunt is on the fucking radio station which caters for all cunts worldwide, GLR as a fucking afternoon presenter. What gets me is there are cunts from the general public who call up and say shit like “congratulations for coming on the radio Jackie…” gumph! radio Jackie! arf! anyway, what are these bottom lip caressing cunts playing at, she’s a porno expense fiddling cunt who should have been sent to traitors gate, that’s what Henry the 8th would have done. Fucking cunt.

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