4 thoughts on “Terry Nation

  1. Gotta do a baroness scotland post.
    not only is she an illegal immigrant employing hypocrit cunt but she is also the person who personally vetted the prosecution of the 2 guys for the apparent re-run of the columbine massacre in manchester.
    look at that prosection……..useless cunt

  2. Terry ” Cunt ” Nation who, in the late 1970’s gave us Blakes 7, here is episode 1


    which caught the attention of proto nuLab facist bumpersons as how to create the perfect controlfreak state. Clearly it stuck in their youngling cunt brains.

    Terry ” Cunt ” Nation, I hope you are proud of yourself ( if not yet dead) . Oh, and btw, Blakes 7 was shit, me and my mates hated it and I only watched it because it pissed my Dad off ( R.I.P.).

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