7 thoughts on “Robbie Williams [2]

  1. Wasn’t this cunt the one who was supposed to be able to sing ?

    I nominate Terry Nation who is/was a BBC script writing dystopian nightmare blueprint creating cunt.

  2. I nominate that wanker fucking Gordon Brown as the biggest lying cunt that ever walked this earth. Why can’t this stupid useless fuckwit of an idiot that somehow passes as a Prime Minister just get the fucking message that everyone hates him (well most people do, I can’t believe there are stil some people out there who still fall for this fuckfacefeatures) And fuck the fucking fuck off! Fucking tax-grabbing Labour-leftie Socialist Communist cunt!

  3. Dr Dave (above) is a fucking mong racism alleging lefty black is always good cunt.

    Eddie Izzard is a walking lefty labour luvvy willy chomping boz eyed cunt.

    Keith Allen is a fucking labour lefty luvvy cretinous shite singing ugly bitch breeding cunt.

  4. From HurlingDervish
    Again, this is one of those cunts that just won’t flush away. The fucking simian prick thinks he’s funny as well. You’re about as funny as Ebola Williams you cunt. Mind you, If you caught Ebola Williams, I’d piss my pants laughing!! you fucking oily cunt.

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