5 thoughts on “SNP

  1. The Jocks have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are completely, totally and utterly in-capable of governing themselves. Just look how 12 1/2 years of Scottish commie socialist Labour leftie lesbian rule has well and truly fucked up our country, therefore I nominate Labour to be total cunts as well!

  2. Anonymous

    And what about the English Torys ? Total Cunts eh, but i do agree with you about Labour though, total cunts

  3. Oh yes amw Call Me Dave and his Blue Labour as well, the Lib-Lab-Con. They are all the fucking same, all useless politically correct lefties. Labour-commie socialist wankers, Lib Dumbs-faggot loving irrelevent wankers. Conservatives-just too shit scared to rock the boat and be smeared by Labour cunts as the “nasty party” fucking politicians, they are all wankers that just want to interfere in every aspect of your life and take all your money in extortionate taxes. Cunts the lot of ’em. Bring on the revolution!

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