7 thoughts on “Rick Stein

  1. A smug patronizing fucking cunt, oh look you poor locals I shall swan in an teach you to cook, talk the fuck down to you and pat you on the fucking head like you were serfs.

    Also in need of a swift kick to the bollocks, the cunt.

  2. Rick “JewBoy” Stein needs to be gassed in an oven Sunday roast. He is a closet cock sucker and needs to be exterminated.

  3. I d like to slowly throttle that obsequious, self-regarding, pompous, condescending, twitchy, nervy, hypocritical, family deserting,
    unoriginal 22 karat CUNT

  4. Always making Indian food, and then bleats on about the loss Englishness. I went to his restaurant in Padstien as the locals hate him so much for owning nearly a third of the town and nearly 95% are Asian. But having lived in Indian, and the far East his is the worst rendition of plagiarized the dishes. Harps on about the English loss of life, when questioned about this, he send me a a threat to take me to court. I said bring it on Dick Stein, (Rhyming slang) as he is know in Australia and New Zealand. Originally did his stint in Australia, employees Aussies and Kiwis, and then has the cheek when I listed the same to take me to court on Wiki. What is more embarrassing is he goes around with a note book video and tapes the recipes and then cant even make a half decent dish. Although Dick Stein reflect his theft of recipes and champioing them as his own

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