18 thoughts on “Kenny Macaskill

  1. Well done, GOT, you picked the right picture there. If he hadn’t released a mass murdering terrorist, you’d still want to kick the shit out of him.

  2. B.P. 20 Billion oil contract

    The politicians who protest the loudest are the ones who now embrace Gaddafi for his oil. If you believe that Megrahi should have died in prison then you must also believe that Gaddafi should have remained an international pariah. He may be a cunt, but he’s our cunt and don’t fucking forget it.

  3. If Megrahi was guilty then he took his orders from Gaddafi. Gaddafi is our friend now and regularly meets the Gaylord, Bliar and cyclops and will head up the UN conference next month in New York and so probably meet the messiah.
    Macaskill got rid of the cunt Megrahi before he died and we had to pay to ship him home.
    If you’re looking for cunts to blame don’t look at the SNP. We’ve got Liebour and Tory and LIbDem hypocritical cunts up here but the SNP are the only ones playing it by the book.

  4. Kenny is not a cunt. there’s no shame in offering clemency on the grounds of ill health, the prisoner was about to die. even if he did it, it’s easy to get carried away in revenge after a passenger airline is shot down through trigger-happy incompetence by US naval action. there’s an oil deal behind it no doubt, but Scottish flags waved in Libya in appreciation of a perceived compassionate gesture is no bad thing. fair play to Kenny, it takes balls to be unpopular and to treat an enemy humanely. might do some good in the long run?

  5. FTG – a’hm no’ a cunt, by the way!
    he wasn’t set free, he was sent home to die. clemency for a prisoner based on ill-health is allowed by law. it was a fine sight to see the Scottish flag waved with pride rather than burnt, unlike the two flags which make up your little bawbag symbol. think about it.

  6. no offence re. the flags FTG, but don’t forget the americans and british let all the terrorists out of jail in ulster and they are now in government. better to let them out and have elected representatives, or keep them in and have a festering civil war? maybe it’s a comlex issue, maybe i’m wrong and Kenny is a cunt. but
    maybe force and violence always makes things worse, maybe the hand of friendship might possibly help, on this occasion. the best way to get rid of an enemy is to make him your friend. all those poor passengers can’t be brought back, but releasing the dying prisoner might engender some goodwill, and reduce the likelihood of someone else taking the law into their own hands. i’m not soft on terrorists, but the Lockerbie bomb was in response to an attack on an unarmed passenger flight. a gesture of friendship is inappropriate only if it doesn’t work. let’s wait and see.

  7. Rumour has it that LazyOldGrumpyOldTwat might cunt some cunts later today.

    Only a rumour though.

    Oh and it’s four days not five, you mathematically inept cunt 😉

    Not that I’m cunting well counting.

  8. Richard is most definitely a cunt’s cunt. Fuck the complex issue. Should have let the murdering cunt Megrahi go to the good ol’ US of A to die. On a fucking gurney with a needle in his arm. In Texas.

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