11 thoughts on “John Taylor

  1. HMRC are draconian, above the law, motherfucking cunts that need to be abolished or preferably tortured and then murdered!

  2. All the above cuntees that have nominated cunts will have have their cunts cunted inc Jordan who has only been previously cunted as Kuntie Price in unison with her ex-cunt of a cunt.

    Have a better day tomorrow and don’t let the cunts get you down with their cuntitude.

  3. After further discussions with Pigsy I realise that I have cunted up my pronouns.

    Cuntee should actually read cunter.

    A cunter is a nominator of a cunt and a cuntee is a cunt that has been nominated by a cunter.

    I hope that clears up any cuntfusion.

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