7 thoughts on “Steven Fry

  1. I’m in two minds about Stephen Fry. I like a lot of his early comedy performances in Blackadder and stuff, but he is a fucking luvvy.

    I’d give a 3/10 on the Cuntometer (NOTE: the “Cuntometer” is Copyright by Banned – All Rights Reserved. Used here by way of blatant theft)


  2. No no, the Cuntometer is in the Public Domain & free to use, my gift to humanity.

    As for that self-publicising nervous wreck cunt Stephen Fry I think 3/10 is a bit soft meself.

  3. What a wise and noble gift “The Cuntometer” is as well.

    Yeah, you may be right about, Fry. I forgot about that nervous breakdown stuff – the big pansy. What would you say? 5/10? 6/10?

  4. give the cunt a full 6/10 on the Cuntometer.
    I’ll collect my Nobel Prize next year.

    That reminds me, Alfred Nobel was an explosives mongering cunt.


  5. So far up his own cunt he thinks anyone gives a flying fuck for what he whines about on Twitchbook. And then he says he’s giving it up (hooray) and then he says he’ll carry on (boo! kill the cunt!). Great fat ugly poof.

  6. I believe he started a campaign on Twitter against Jan Moir regarding her article on Stephen Gately – hopefully cunted somewhere on here – then Fry throws his toys out of his pram when someone calls him boring.
    Grow up.

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