6 thoughts on “Kevin Whately

  1. Rab
    Bet the cunt has never done a hard cunting day of graft in his entire life of cuntishness.

    That one in Auf who topped himself was cowardly cunt. Name escapes me though.

  2. oi sweaty neville is a shit actor as well a a crap trowel!
    wayne another loser?
    when you look at the series they all got fucking paid?
    god bless the yorkshiremen and geordies and scouse foremen?
    the whack the crack and the extra hours?
    married to a right good cook and a shag?
    eure papiere bitte
    wanker series

  3. Look at that pricks face, what a cunt, he is now defending the police from cutbacks..
    Oi nonce you are not a real policeman, just a gormless actor with a stupid face.
    Mind you that other Bastard who was married to the slag with blonde hair in coronation street, not bet fuckin Lynch, but denise welch…
    Thats the bitch, well her husband Tim fuckin Healey, he looks like a fuckin frog..

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