4 thoughts on “Jacqui Smith [2]

  1. You will not believe this but I was only this afternoon wondering why ” sleazy ” had gone out of fashion.
    Perfect reason to resurect this fine word, JacquiGisme job backSSmith, sleazy old cunt if ever there was one.

  2. one of the people I hate most on earth or to put it another way -one of the people I would most like to put under the earth [ 6 foot of it ]
    I wrote an email to her when she was in the news for her expenses fraud and she cancelled her email address like all cowards do.
    if they think they will never been confronted bullies and liars and rapists and murderers do evil but rarely do they defend their deeds or even simply apologise or admit guilt .
    I told her she must pay back the value of her second mortgage- £ 160 000 if I remember rightly ? I said you stole that money illegally from the poorest of the poor in England and as a labour minister you should now pay it back…. I am so sad she is on sky reviewing the papers and now getting back into politics -the public should all complain to sky and force them to stop employing paedophiles and fraudsters who were in public office …. I seem to remember she got off scott free and she always defends the police just like she did as home secretary …. I think she should be made to fight Dianne abbot to the death and then we can sell raffle tickets for who gets to kill the survivor.
    seriously folks complain to sky and demand they stop giving her airtime and wages as she just vomits lies and she is brainwashing viewers .

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