13 thoughts on “Desmond Tutu

  1. Hi Ollie, great nomination but the cunt has already been cunted once.

    However, I really hate the sniveling little wig wearing shit so he’ll be getting a second cunting 😉

  2. Bishop TuTu is touring S. Africa before the end of apartheid, when he sees two white guys pulling a black guy out of a fast flowing river with a rope. He runs down as fast as his wee legs will carry him to congratulate them on their fabulous deed. After he’s gone one white guy turns to the other and asks, “Who the fuck was that”? “Don’t know” says the other guy, ” but he knows fuck all about crocodile fishing”!

  3. Smug po-faced girly-man with his ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my cunt of a mouth’ way of talking and that prissing about with his hands as though he was playing croquet.

  4. Bob Piper MP please GOT, if he’s not already been done – for this:

    “I fear for the folk of Wooton Bassett. I fear for the people of Wootton Bassett. Over the last few years the local people have carried out a dignified display of respect when the bodies of dead servicemen from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are driven through the town on their way from RAF Lyneham on their way to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

    Sadly, however, the media circus has now hit town big style, with camera crews, news teams and journalists descending on the town with all the dignity of a rat pack. It surely cannot be long now until the silent dignity of the Wootton Bassett locals is taken over by the Princess Di hysteria syndrome, with coach loads of members of the public being bussed in to buy plastic Union flags and commemorative t-shirts, mugs and tea towels before they join in the display of collective grief.

    I sincerely hope I’m wrong, and that the media will bugger off back to their holes and leave the people of the town, together with the friends and relatives of those who have fallen, to have their moment of quiet remembrance.

    Posted by bobpiper on July 14, 2009, 10:41 AM”

    and you can call him whatever you like so long as it’s the worst of the worst.

  5. I think The Retard would like to nominate Whale Wars captain Paul Watson and the rest of his dicksucking crew as a cunt (or cunts). Mostly just the captain, though….

  6. Phil Jupitas is an unfunny great fat cunt…only kept off the fucking dole the cunt deserves because he is a staple fucking BBC cunt.

    Goodnight Vienna said…

    Bob Piper MP please GOT, if he’s not already been done – for this:

    Got to agree with GV here, although Piper is a councillor and not an MP. Lefty, parasite ex-union total cunt who has rarely if ever had a fucking job, much like that other cunt Ainsworth and other arch cunt Prescott. He deserves a nomination. Can’t stand these faux fucking working men ex-union cunts that suck on post fuckers cocks like Bliar and Brown and most of the other cunts of the Labour party.

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