6 thoughts on “Cherie Blair

  1. Just a complete horrible CUNT almost as bad as Elton John in her complete fuckwittingly cuntness. She is a fully qualified Cuntmans…

    I also dislike Cilla Black but don’t get me started……

  2. Both Blairs are vile cunts but the one with a cunt married to a cunt is the worst kinda cunt. Cunt Blair awarded a woman a bravery award for murdering her husband with napalm. Oh yes, he was presumed guilty without trial. Something cunts husband has evaded but hopefully one day both cunts will be worm fodder. Them poor bastard cunty worms!

  3. Slot-mouthed slapper. Deserves to be butt-fucked by a bunch of pikey Romanian beggers- that will show the cunt.

  4. Just saw her picture on a web site,#. It should have come with a health warning -ni threw up my dinner. She is the most hedious, ugly, slot-mouthed slapper cunt I have ever seen.

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